Coles flybuys Offers declined

I got a targeted Coles Flybuys offer for a big spend. I placed the order online for delivery and a couple of things were out of stock. I didn’t get the points and Flybuys said I didn’t spend that much so can’t get the points.
I’ll stick with Woolworths next time as the points are upfront when you place the order.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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  • just mention that it is not your fault and they will need to give you the point. you have ordered he set amount and it is the shop went out of stock.

    • I explained to the lady on the phone but she kept on saying it’s based on the final invoice amount.

      • call again . email as well. Its not your fault but try to spend little extra as 90% of time few things are out of stock.

        • I have offer spend over $100 received 4,000 + free delivery, end up only spend $80 because of OOS item.

          Call and confirm that that I have ordered $100 worth of items and they manually added the points into my account.

          If they insist it is the final invoice amount, get them confirm and tell them you will go to fair trading.

          if you stand firm and get their confirmation as such, just file a complaint and they will contact you and give you the points as goodwill.

  • It sucks but usually they are very firm on meeting the requirements even if it isn't any fault of your own. I've had a few bonuses rejected due to this. No harm in asking but they do usually stand firm on these things unfortunately.

  • I've noticed their weekly promos (spend XX get XX) now state that the purchase amount can be made over multiple purchases.

    I didn't get this offer, but do the terms state it's 1 shop only, or multiple?

    • I think that can vary, I have one this week is in one shop, though one I received a few weeks ago was for multiple shops.

    • it denpends from person to person.

      one off promotion should be 1 shop and i have never seen across multiple shop.

  • return the items

  • Contact them via social media. They have always credited when Out of Stock items reduced my spend for online deliveries.

    It may have changed recently if they include it can be done via "multiple transactions" all of mine ever where always limited to single transactions. Good luck. :)

  • Try sending them a private message on Facebook with the details and make it clear you did meet the spend but out of stock items caused you to fall below the require amount. I’ve had this happen about 4 times and they’ve always been happy to credit the points.

  • I have had this happen many times in Melbourne and they have always given me the points without any query. One week on a 4 week deal out of a $50.49 order ($50 required) the charge was $23.74 and 2 other weeks were under between $2 and $4. So in total 3 weeks were under the required spend. I was asked to email the original order for the week that was significantly under but before I got a chance to do that the total bonus was added to the account. This was in July but also last week the same thing happened for only one week out of 4 by $3 and again bonus was given no argument. Sounds like you were unlucky and you should pursue it.

  • Regarding Woolies I got an offer which stated, in the fine print . "Qualifying amount is the final amount charged to you (i.e. after deductions for any out of stock items)." This was for a single order only for delivery or click and collect, so the final amount would be totally out of my control. How much extra would you need to order? Who knows? I did not do this offer. This was 22 June. Some recent offers where you enter a promotion code, rather than click to activate, you can see the points you are earning up front are much better. You also need to be careful to check if you need to have the order delivered or picked up or only ordered by the set date. I have received both types. You nearly need a law degree to play this game.

  • I placed another over $200 spend and again it’s under by $3, they are doing it on purpose? A few out of stock items but I selected substitute for everything. I guess I need at stop shopping online. Do you think if I go in the store and spend $3 it would work? It did say spend $200 in one transaction.

    • Had the same thing to happen to me almost two weeks ago. Will call up today and tell them to rectify it. Out of stock item that was supposed to be substituted but wasn't, cost me almost 6000 in points. What's the point in having it be the final invoice amount. Could potentially have nothing on your final order if that's the case.

      • I’m looked at my past flybuys history and previously it was based on what you ordered before out of stock items total.
        Dodgy buggers this is definitely a new way of not giving people points.
        Just keep on calling up until someone gives you the points.

        • I'm guessing it was to do with the big bonus points offer. Get customers to spend a bit more and if anything can't be substituted then too bad for final spend. Called up and told them, they said points will be applied in a couple days. On their terms it doesn't say anything about final invoice cost only order cost to receive flybuys points. So they can't screw you over for something out of your control, even though they'll try to…

          • @Monstalova: I placed another order way over $200 and again it’s a dollar under! It’s no longer a conspiracy lol they don’t want to give away the points.

            • @Jumpup: Yeah it's just an incentive to get you to spend more. With a bit of sneaky tactics to not give you the bonus. They'll do anything not give you the extra points if they can help it. Otherwise it's a loss for them almost. For me spending $130 and getting basically $30 back it's not good business for Coles

  • Yes. Coles changed their policy. Now online orders have too many risks. I experienced out of stock. Before my friend and I both can get these points back. But later, they will never give you the points if the final cost is lower than requirement money. After that, I sweared not to shop coles online!!!

    • They have been tempting me with the high points offer but today is definitely the last time. 3 orders I put this week and they were just a dollar or so under. Spend $200 get $40 worth of points. They were never going to give it with their new policy👮‍♀️

    • Fishes2222 - Have they told you they changed their policy. I will not shop there anymore if this is the case as I only shop when I have an offer and I am only shopping online. Thank you.

      • On their terms it also states we can change anything at anytime without notifying customers. Is that even legal?

      • They didn't tell they changed the policy. But I felt. The first time item out of stock, I called them and they gift me the bonus. After that, they refused me. So I don't think people could always make a call to get back their points.

        • Thank you for your reply. I have had really good experiences with this issue. Since beginning of July I have done 3 of their 4 week deals. In the first one 2 weeks spend was under, the second 3 weeks under and the third one week under. One of these, in the second deal, was over 50% under spend and for this one I was asked to email copy of the original order but before I did so the bonus points were credited as they were for the other 2 deals. At no stage was I given any angst when I called. I have other problems with Coles but on this issue credit where credit's due.

  • Rang Coles yesterday about a 4 week deal I did that ended 13.9 and one week I was under due to out of stock. They manually adjusted so I would get the bonus, no objection at all. OP pursue you issue further.

    • I got the points after calling but there is so many times they will do the “good will” call centre points. I’m not going to shop online anymore.

      • Yes its definitely easier if you can do these offers in store. But I have found they have been good on the phone and do not even say its good will or they are doing you a favour or that it will not happen in the future. They just treat it like an admin task. Glad you god a positive resolution. Did you figure out why you had a problem in the first instance?

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