Classic NES Mini - Any Still around?

I know I'm late to the game here but are any stores still selling the original NES mini classic? Can only find them on ebay now at crazy prices, I'd be happy to pay up to $170 for an unopened one.


  • I bought 2 of these one for me and my bro. But am surprised about the crazy prices as nintendo re-made quite a bit I remember. Have you tried a few close by EB Games. I almost swear I used to see quite a few of them.

  • I might list my unopened NES mini on eBay now that you mention how much they are worth.

  • I'd be happy to pay up to $170 for an unopened one.

    And there is the problem. This is why scalpers exist and why RRP posts for anything Nintendo get upvoted like crazy because "bEiNg iN StOcK MaKeZ iT a dEaL!!!11!!1"

  • Get a raspberry PI and put Retroarch on it. Get a NES controller from EB games and away you go….. Better still get a dual shock and the other bits… Google core electronics for RPI and controllers etc..

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