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LEGO 75292 Star Wars Mandalorian The Razor Crest $149 Delivered @ Target


Part of the lego sales @ Target (more like 25% discount instead of 20%). Original Post
The lowest price so far for this set.
Both home delivery and click & collect are available at the time of posting.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • nice, too bad the vicsafe promocode no longer works

  • Quite a few items are more than 20% off.
    This certainly seems to be one of the newer sets in that category.

  • +2

    I had just set up a brick hawk for this an hour or so ago. Great deal, I suspect this will be hard to come by next month through xmas. I ordered. This is the way.

  • My orders keep getting rejected after payment "Your order could not be processed." (paypal or credit card).

    • this happened last time. have you tried placing smaller orders (if you have multiple items)?

      • I'm only ordering 1 item, I've tried as guest / account & paypal / creditcard … I keep getting refunded after about 5 mins

        • tried an incognito browser?

        • Had the same problem, changed flybuys card to the missus card and it worked, worth a try maybe

    • Same issue here. Tried delivery and C&C.

  • Went to grab the 3 Star Wars helmets but TIE fighter sold out mid button press. Ordered one off Amazon for 75 instead. Can't wait to build all 3!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Caved and bought.

  • I selected post but it does have a proviso about being "in stock". Stores near me show low stock, so think there not many about.
    Hopefully not the usual crappy aussie retail website where there is actually no stock and they cancel later, as it is a good price!

    • Read other Target post about the $10 voucher doh.
      Oh well still a good price and it has shipped from shop a couple suburbs away.

  • Order placed last night but got cancelled just now :(
    Did anyone else's order get cancelled too?

    • What time did you put your order thru?

    • Same, I tried with different payment and accounts 5 times (just ordering 1 item btw). Only thing the same was the address. In the end got someone else to order to their address.

  • +1

    It is free delivery over $49 so why not just order this delivered. I've just done this.

  • It just dropped and already 25% off thats good as! Perfect for season 2 coming out. "This is the way"

  • I think this item is soldout!

  • Had my order cancelled and refunded.

  • Ditto to the above in Vic.. Order cancelled for delivery.

  • I got shipping notification a couple hours ago, ordered yesterday.

  • my order was picked up from target less then 10ks from my house. Put on board for delivery. Then driver scanned me as undeliverable:closed. Back to depot :/ was home all day thanks to lockdown.

  • Mine got cancelled and refunded. Luckily the 15% cashback with Myer from Cash Rewards deal came by today, which worked out better anyway :-).

    • Doh! Myer one got cancelled too :-(

  • I received mine last week. Came to me in Sydney all the way from South Australia. Lucky I guess.