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LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 $269 Delivered @ Myer


Hi. Second post. I have been looking at this lego set at a discounted price for a while.
It reminded me the pirate set that I had in 90s and my children wanted this set. Something to do together during school break I guess.
It seems to be a good price at Myer.

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  • Not a bad price for this set. Still hoping it will go down further though…

    • Best Price so far, except for DJs 25% off 2 or more items. It went out of stock in a few minutes at DJs and I missed out. Jumped onto this deal at 6am this morning.

      Wow, surprised it is still in stock. 2 hrs later

      • 10% off is best yet? Is that due to stock issues?

        • build and play had it for $259 when it first was announced but they didn't have any stock, when they did it was $269.95 + delivery.

          Not sure about stock limitations and COVID related supply issues but it's a highly desirable set. The original set it is supposed to resemble is worth quite a bit, so investors are interested. People with kids (and money?!) will remember playing with pirate lego, so Nostalgia.

          I fit in to the later, not an evil investor ;-)
          Excited to build this with my son in school holidays!

  • I think will sell out but will allocate funds to retiring sets its crazy out there right now .

  • 10% off. I will wait but thankyou many people will be happy to get this in stock let alone at a discount

  • Ppl just bored and got nothing to do at home and nothing to spend money on. Fishing stores and brick banks are going for over 550 on ebay. I know they retired sets but not retired very long ago. A bit insane!

    • Lego does better than the ASX. I'm sitting on a nice stash of Castle sets that I'll offload for a tidy profit :)

  • I used myer gift card to bring it further $15 down making it $254 but I forgot to use cashrewards…

  • Just checked the link and it is now out of stock. I don't know how to change the title… sorry.

  • Don't assume that these are out of stock in store. TTP for example in Adelaide has been sitting on the same box for months.

    However, I paid the $30 extra to not suffer the box damage from their stupid electronic ties.