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[eBay Plus] Mixed Aussie Red Wine Dozen Feat. Wolf Blass Shiraz (12 Bottles) $49 Delivered @ Coffeeandwineco Store eBay


Everything you want in a mixed red case and nothing you don't.

Each case contains:
2 Bottles of Sky Heights Cabernet Sauvignon
2 Bottles of Brackenvine Cabernet Sauvignon
2 Bottles of Southern Constellations Shiraz
2 Bottles of Small Talk Shiraz
2 Bottles of Little Red Robin Merlot
2 Bottles of Wolf Blass 'Blass' Shiraz 2017

Part of the eBay Plus exclusive (21st Birthday) promotion

ABN 77 167 871 445

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  • Great Price

  • Great wine?

  • Oh no! I just bought a dozen off this mob for $62.41 using the 21% off promo code.

  • thanks, purchased.

  • Southern Constellations Shiraz was horrible and the others dont fare much better. Couple of good ones, would recommend checking vivino reviews. Had a similar purchase from seller and wouldn't recommend based on other deals posted that's certainly more palatable than this lot.
    If you don't drink wine often, it's great - if you like wine and want something nice keep looking.

    • yeah I got suckered into this last time it came up. Some of the worst wines I've tasted in a long time. Some are okay though so not a complete write-off but if you can afford better wine I'd do so.

  • I order one thanks OP.

  • These bottles AT MOST cost on average $4 each. Buy these to give away to your work mates for Christmas but to drink daily…… nah uh shakes head

  • Ran for the hill when I saw wolf blass. One of the worst wines in the world.
    Having said that you would be crazy to think you can score 12 bottles of decent wines for only 49 bucks.
    Try per bottle or at least two bottles at that price for something you can remotely call decent.

  • I ordered this once - nothing special here.
    Very average wine for cooking or giving away to people you don't care for.

  • I’ve never had a good Wolf Blass supermarket wine: the red label and eaglehawk are horrible, even their $20-$30 tier that I unfortunately sampled in a clearance