Scythe Fuma 2 CPU Cooler $112.53 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Usually out of stock on Amazon. $140 on Ebay, $~130 on QuietPC. This cooler is very quiet and a perfect fit for the Cooler Master NR200 if you want a small ITX PC. Side panel may or may not close fully on NR200P (Glass side).

Mod Update 12/10: Price has increased to $112.53

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  • Definitely confirmed to fit the NR200?

    A few times the PCPartpicker says things fit but then I've dug deeper and found the clearances are as low as 1-3mm or incompatible with AM4 + NR200.

    • As per:.

      Fits if you use the perforated side, not the glass panel

      • I've got the NR200 built, and Fuma 2 arriving any day. Link GibbledyBobber shared shows one install, but I think this example is much cleaner and how I'll install. He shows the 1-2mm gap on flush fit with glass panel

        • Hey,

          Did the Fuma 2 end up fitting with the TG side panel?

          Thinking of doing the same.


          • +2 votes

            @Unseatingcargo1: I just installed mine on a NR200P with a mate's help, never worked on an ITX case to begin with so everything was already extremely tight fit.

            We ran into a few problems:
            - the tips of the heatsink was definitely pushing the TG.
            - the case fan (25mm) above the Fuma was also touching the cooler fan securing wires
            - GPU cables were pushing the front right hand side of the TG.

            I ended up using pliers to bend the securing wires on the top fan and a bit of brute force to push the whole CPU cooler lower, not sure if that helped but the top fan is definitely spinning freely now. I'm running 25mm Arctic P12s.

            I do not recommend this but I also hammered the tips of the heatsink a little out of frustration. Not sure if it made much difference but do it at your own risk.

            GPU cables needed a lot of bending, but that was the least of the problem compared to the other two.

            Using the mesh side panel is a 100% fitment but wouldn't look half as good.



            • @cray: Thanks for the reply!

              Unfortunately I cannot get the photo album to open on my end.

              Looks like we both had a similar set-up in mind, so you're experience has been much appreciated.

              • AMD 5000 series CPU
              • Scythe FUMA 2 51.17 CFM CPU Cooler
              • Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard
              • G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory
              • Western Digital Blue SN550 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
              • MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB VENTUS 3X OC Video Card
              • Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P Mini ITX Desktop Case
              • Corsair SF 750 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply
              • ARCTIC P12 PST 56.3 CFM 120 mm Fan (2 bottom, 2 top)

              Considering potentially deshrouding the 3070 depending on what temps the 3070 has in the NR200p.

              I have no issue prodding around to make sure everything fits. I'm sure little taps on the heatsink won't do too much damage. I think you'd probably manipulate the cooler by 0.5mm or so.

              At the end of the day, I can always use the mesh.

              How are your temps?

              • @Unseatingcargo1: Reuploaded -

                Don't have any benchmarking software, so did a quick one:

                I'm on the waiting list for a 3080, so the 1070ti is a temporary GPU until I get my hands on one.

                I'm also using the 550i as opposed to the x570i.

                I don't think you'll need to deshroud, the 3070 is only 2 slots. My current GPU is quite a bit thicker (279 x 140 x 42 mm) with a slight sag so the bottom fans have only about 1cm clearance.

                GPU sits at 31C at Idle. When light gaming (I play fighting game) it goes to around 64C. CPU around 50C currently, doing massive files backup and web browsing. When gaming goes to around 60. So I think temps are ok? I'll be doing some photo editing work later today so I guess that would be a good test.

          • @Unseatingcargo1: I did. I've seen a few builds where it fits flush, but the finish on top of heat pipes on mine specifically means it's out by a couple of mm. Certainly not noticeable, but some pics I posted show it at its worst. Still really happy with the kit I picked, but had to solve many issues. If using a gigabyte board with fuma 2 you won't fit a 25mm fan above it was one challenge

            • @TheLurker: Fair dinkum was looking at your build a couple hours ago.

              I do think it is worth a shot. I have no problem bending the fan mount on the CPU cooler. Might also look for a mobo that has a lower CPU socket.

              Thanks for your assistance both @cray and @TheLurker.

              Both great builds!

              • @Unseatingcargo1: For anyone who might read this, if you want clearance for a 25mm fan, look at Asrock and Asus motherboards. They have lower CPU sockets that would provide more room for the top fans.

              • @Unseatingcargo1: Thanks, and hey @cray! I missed the thread. Nice build mate! I avoided the brute force method and went for nf-a12x15 fans.

                What I read said with my bottom fans can fit a 58mm gpu without deshrouding. That probably translates to 49mm with 25
                mm fans.

                No 3070/80 so far is wider than 58mm other than aorus (70mm).

                As an option, tests in a youtube channel (would have search but he has a big following) tested the nr200 with bottom fans vs no bottom fans and it was underwhelming difference. I would consider saving the money and leaving base blank except I got the Noctuas half price

    • Depends on your motherboard and where the socket is situated in terms of clearance, and most of the time you won't be able to fit a full thickness 120mm fan above the cooler.

      Should fit fine in the case if you have the vented side panel.

    • Fits NR200 (Not NR200P with glass panel). Asus ITX boards have a 1cm lower CPU socket which provides more clearance but even with a Gigabyte board you should just be able to fit a 25mm fan above.

      • Lordy I've got the perforated panel thankfully but also a GB 550i…

        Gonna roll the dice I think, don't really want to have even less space with an AIO setup in there as well.

          • @GibbledyBobber: I've got the Gigabyte B550i, NR200 and my Scythe fuma 2 arrived yesterday. I had it on order for over a month with Amazon!
            I fitted the cooler last night but didn't try a 25mm fan directly above it yet. I'll try tonight and let you know.

            • @Struthmate: Got that spec and couldn't find any way to make it work. I didn't make any major mods to fan clip, sickle flow case fan guards, or cooler mount. Keen to see if you can get it to fit

              Curious if you chose to mount the psu side or front? I've built side, then front, and keep debating what gives best airflow and cable mgmt

              • @TheLurker: Nah, I couldn't get the 25mm fan directly above. I'm going to order 2x slim fans to exhaust via top.
                I kept the 76mm at the rear.

                • @Struthmate: Nice work! I nearly went scythe rgb low profile 120mm x 17mm but couldn't find stock. New egg had noctua slims for AU$26odd recently in brown. I got chroma black for $33 as using glass panel and going for bottom to top flow. spent the extra premium as I wanted a silent build when not heavily loaded. I'll switch to mesh panel if temps aren't great when at full load. One thing I'll gamble on later is an M.2 to PCIe ribbon and potentially mount a 4k encoding card internally with a custom port plate.

      • How do the Asus boards have a 1cm lower CPU socket? is that even possible? did you mean 1mm lower?

        • Assuming 10mm lower in the case when board is mounted vertically. Gigabyte seem to give a lot of room for vrm cooler

      • What's stupid?

        The cooler? Plenty of reasons to prefer air-cooling.

      • It's half the price of a 240 AIO, almost the same performance, quieter and can't fail. Only problems are less thermal mass for extreme overclocking and strain on the motherboard if you move the PC a lot.

        • The Arctic and Corsair 240 AIO have been $130 and $150 in the past two weeks. Their 280mm counterparts have been $20~30 on top of that.

          These coolers (not just this brand) and memory end up on the BSS facebook groups all the time because one clashes with the other.

          My recent experience ~18 months with cheap AIO and overclocking:

          $80 ID frostflow 240mm on a 3900x PBO+200mhz
          $80 ID frostflow 240mm on a ryzen 2600 static OC 4.25ghz
          $90 ID frostflow+ on 6800k all core 4.4ghz
          $90 ID frontflow+ on 3800x PBO+200mhz
          Used H110i (paid $96, H115i is ~$180 I know) on 3600 PBO+200mhz
          Used H110i on 3900x PBO+200mhz
          First-gen H60 (bought new back in the day $??) non-k OC 6500 4.3ghz all core.

          Don't believe the hype on these air coolers…

            • @GibbledyBobber: I will continue watching at lunch time but the frostflow+ 280mm is in his $60 low tdp budget and will cover up to the high tdp scenarios (see my 6800k 4.4ghz all core).

              I also reject his reliability claims, even without knocking on wood.I just checked the invoice on my $90 280mm ID AIO and it's February 2019. It gets 7~10hrs a day gaming in my son's PC. Plus I've been using AIOs since I saw the video of the guy from asetek or coolit swinging it around like a lasso back in… Maybe 2005?

              • @drew442: I've been using an AIO for 6 years now, after about 4 the pump started getting louder and the noise is now unbearable, meaning a complete unit replacement. Even though AIO pump failure or leaking is very uncommon, it does happen and if so means buying a new cooler or even replacing damaged PC components. Worst case with an Air cooler is fan failure, which will not harm the CPU and is easily fixed. In most cases the extra overclocking headroom from water cooling is not necessary, and even the large tower coolers like the D15 can compete in those cases. There is no clear winner on either side so I don't know how you can say Air cooling is stupid.

                • @GibbledyBobber: This 100%. A big hunt of metal with 2 fans has much fewer potential failure points compared to an AIO.

                  An AIO also has the hassle of (generally) more cables on top of the the ones for the fans (pump header, pump SATA power, pump USB header etc.) not to mention the tubes running to the radiator, which all need to be managed in an SFF build.

                  If your case can fit a big enough tower cooler (taking into account other restrictions of the case), the only reason you would opt for an AIO is aesthetics or personal choice. Cooling performance difference is pretty negligible between a 240mm AIO and a good tower cooler.

                  280mm AIOs are a slightly different story (since they can perform a bit better) but limits case choice.

                  All in all, air coolers make perfect sense unless you are going for 280mm (or bigger) AIOs.

              • @drew442: From the reviews I can find the 240mm ID coolers perform about the same thermally, with the Fuma 2 being slightly quieter and objectively more reliable.

            • @GibbledyBobber: Good link. Here's a video specifically for NR200 and air cooling from same reviewer.

              Interesting points on testing install direction (i.e. using rear case fan and rotating cooler doesn't help, and bottom case fans vs top only is very marginal improvement).

              Later in the review also explains install of Fuma 2 very well on AM3 (skip to 13:15)

    • Yep I can confirm it fits in my NR200P! I installed it onto a Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX using standard height Crucial Ballistix ram and I have no clearance issues with either the case side panel or the ram.

      I've included some fitment photos if you wanted to take a look!

      Scythe Fuma 2 + NR200P fitment;

      • I've read that manufacturing tolerances aren't great, so in some cases the glass panel won't close all the way with the Fuma 2. It's possible that you got lucky?

      • Thanks for the photos, that's a tight fit!

      • Toight like a toiger

      • Great example thanks! I posted a link to NR200p with Gigabyte x570i Aorus Pro. His doesn't fit. Wondering if your B550 has the metal plate on the back of the MB? I can't find a pic on it. May explain why yours fits if the plate raises the x570 version by a couple of mm

        • Yep my B550I has a metal backplate on the back of the motherboard, it fits fine with it on. Perhaps it's just down to differences in manufacturing tolerances like OP has mentioned!

          • @eunalee: Could be, though other x570 build posts on Reddit said it didn't fit. I wonder if they've improved finishing on top of heat pipes slightly. I'll post here in case I find out otherwise when it arrives. Thanks for confirming!

      • Thanks for the photos! How are your temperatures?

        • I'm running a Ryzen 5 3600 with PBO enabled and a slight voltage offset and temps are pretty good! I'm using 2x Corsair ML120 as intake and 2x CM Sickleflow 120mm (Provided with the case) as exhaust, both with a silent fan curve just to paint a full picture of my cooling configuration.

          I was previously using a Corsair H100i v2 with the exact same CPU configuration albeit in another case (Inwin 101) and the Scythe Fuma 2 runs ever so slightly cooler in the NR200P even with the custom silent fan curve that I set for it.

          • When playing The division, my CPU temperatures were anywhere in the range of 63-73C. Also to give another comparison, when I was using my stock AMD cooler as a temporary solution, my PC actually reached thermal limit and shut itself down whilst playing this game with the exact same CPU config, so the improvement over the stock cooler is 95C max down to 63-73C on The Division.
          • For Prime95 Small FFTs, it never went over 84C (keep in mind again I set a silent fan curve). stock AMD cooler ran in the mid 90's and I stopped the test. With the Corsair AIO, it reached around 81-85.
          • In Cinebench R20, the Scythe Fuma 2 never went over 73C across several runs. On the stock AMD cooler reached a high 89-91. With my Corsair AIO, it reached around 75C.

          So overall my current Scythe Fuma 2 runs slightly cooler and quieter compared to my Corsair H100i V2 and MUCH cooler than the stock AMD cooler with my Ryzen 5 3600. I believe it would run a few degrees cooler if I was not running a silent fan curve with the Scythe Fuma 2.

  • Hi All
    I am looking for a 'not so bulky yet decent' CPU cooler which won't make noise like my current Wraith Prism

    Other than the Noctua NH-U12S and Dark Rock 4 - Is their any alternative decent 'slim' air-cooler for a Ryzen 7 3700x or upcoming 4700x CPU?

    How about the inferior Pure Rock 2 variant? Will be slim enough and decent to cool down the above CPUs?

    • Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B. Only slightly worse than the Fuma 2 in performance but smaller and comes with 1 fan.

    • Snowman 6 heatpipe direct touch dual fan version, about $40 delivered on eBay. It probably beats this cooler quite comfortably too.

      • Yes looked at Snowman on Aliexpress… it has mixed reviews though.
        Have you personally used it?

        • I have a few of them. A seriously good cooler for not much money.

          There is a smaller type, same 6 heatpipe design, but the two radiators are split like this one, you can get them in dual fan versions also, but they're only 80mm fan/radiator sized and better for builds with not much space/smaller builds.

        • I'm using one with the fan swapped to an arctic P12 which I picked up for about $15.
          Performance is great, keeps my overclocked R5 2600 around 60c at full load.
          Noise just depends on your fan curve and temperature tolerance. I prefer my system to be very quiet, so likely could shave off a few degrees with a more aggressive fan curve.
          Not sure how much more effective the 2 fan model is.

          My only complaint is that it was very difficult to mount, as it uses clips (like the wraith prism) and one side wasn't long enough, so I had to raise the plastic bracket it clips on to.

      • Do you have any links or guides on how this cooler is installed on the AM4 platform? I couldn't find much info about it that worried me. Better to buy off eBay or Aliexpress? It seems quite cheap on Ali, US$25 delivered for dual fan version.

        • It clips on to the mobo's preinstalled plastic brackets, same way as the wraith prism.

        • For me it just clips on, with some effort. Works fine. This is for AM3 and AM4… they work on both.

  • How does this compete with dark rock pro 4?

  • If you don't have Prime for free delivery, this link may work out cheaper. I bought one here and shipping was just under $25.

    • I was looking there originally but shipping to Aus is saying $60 for me

      • That's strange. I paid $94.52 for the cooler + $25.27 shipping to Gold Coast on 1st Sept. Price has dropped a little with exchange rate to $92.62 and I assume shipping by same proportion. Not sure why it would show differently unless it was a 'tracked' delivery, which mine is not. At over a kg air freight it isn't cheap but I wouldn't spend more than that on shipping

    • I ordered mine from Amazon US via AU it took almost 3 weeks to be delivered. Carrier was DPD which always take ages, so no surprise there. Would be faster if it was UPS.

  • Good air cooler but it's a thiccc boi

  • I have the nr200p and b550 auros pro AX mobo. The wraith prism comes with the 3900x and I'm not intending to OC. Do I need this cooler for stock settings? 1070ti Gpu (maybe 3070/3080 down the line). TIA

    • If noise is a concern then this cooler is definitely worth considering but the Wraith Prism is still great at stock.

      • Thanks! Will give the stock cooler a try first!

        • This Youtube video tests Wraith Prism vs Fuma 2 on 3900x

          • @TheLurker: ok you convinced me. Ozbargain is evil I swear.. Just hoping that my 3.5" HDD will still fit as I think there's more space limitation on the rig now..

            • @cray: Careful or you'll end up swapping out for one of the cheap SSD deals. I shouldn't tell you how impressed I am with the 5Gbps Aorus M.2 SSD :-) It's a slippery slope

              Because the Wraith Prism is RGB you might sell it without trouble to recoup your costs. Averaging around $50.

              You said you won't overclock, but definitely use the Gigabyte Easytune tool and turn on XMP to get your ram speeds up to spec. BTW a 3.5mm HDD fits fine on the front of the NR200 PSU housing with the Fuma 2.

              • @TheLurker: Lol. I do have 2 x NVMe for this build, on top of the 2tb 3.5" for storage. Will definitely look into the Easytune tool, was not aware of that. I initially thought I can just turn it on in bios.

                Edit: yes, I noted the hdd placement from the other comment, doesn't look great with the tempered glass but that's totally fine!

                • @cray: Easytune doesn't do anything different to what you can do in Bios for XMP so you'd be fine.

                  I had to use it due to a big error. I've had laptops for years until recently. Built the PC and realised my MS Surface Ergo keyboard has no USB adapter so I had to drive the whole build using an old mouse and on-screen keyboard for windows install. Can't do that in BIOS due to my oversight