PSA: Netflix price increase from today.

Basic plan goes from $9.99 to $10.99
Standard plan goes from $13.99 to $15.99
Premium plan remains at $19.99

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  • Boo-urns.

    I've got premium and split 5 accounts across family in 3 different houses. Still crazy good value compared to old days of Foxtel.

    • Splitting the only way to go. Basic plan is financial suicide.

    • In our household we've got:

      Netflix - fund account with discounted cards
      Stan - free from family sharing
      Binge - free for 12 mths (telstra)
      Kayo - $7.50 a month (telstra $15pm/2)
      Disney+ - free from family sharing
      Apple tv+ - free 12mth bonus from Apple
      Amazon Prime - $59 a year

      I feel Netflix raising prices is just their attack n sharing, without having to do too much work.

  • I never received any information from Netflix about this.

    • Me either but checking my account the plan shows as $13.99 now.

      • "New Netflix members will see the changes from today while existing members will see it roll out in the next few weeks, depending on where they are in their billing cycle."

  • Time to move to Argentina

    • +1 vote

      Thank goodness for this! Only paying ~$8 for the highest tier otherwise I wouldn't bother with Netflix.

  • Premium plan remains at $19.99

    That's crazy when the VPN prices are less than half that

  • +11 votes

    Reminder that Amazon Prime comes with Prime Video for $60pa - or $5pm

    If you are not impressed with Netflix, and just want something occasionally so you can avoid watching Freeview, it might be a better option. Plus there's the music, and the postage etc.

  • To be honest, i'm getting a bit tired of Netflix and the amount of garbage on there. Considering a move to Prime or Stan

    • Don’t bother with stan.
      Totally rubbish now unless you like old channel 9 shows.

      Binge is worth it for quality imho yes it’s Foxtel owned but hbo and hbo max content is included.

      • Stan was good for some series, like Better Call Saul.

        But I can't support multiple streaming subscriptions, and it is a tough choice.

  • +12 votes

    Found Netflix to be filled with utter garbage, hardly anything worth watching on there. Getting far too pricey for what they offer. Very happy with Prime.

  • What's netflix?

  • adding movies like cuties, should be banned IMO

  • If I check my account the standard plan is still $13.99 pm. I'll drop down to basic if the price goes up.

    Can they actually put prices up without telling you?

  • Welp look like I'll be going to India or similar for my Netflix now. Not paying anymore to be fed propaganda.

  • Check out tubi for tonnes of not so famous movies. Heaps of weird b grade stuff. Free. No credit card details. No, I do not work for them

  • I'd rather they stop trying to make trash that nobody wants to watch.

  • SBS on demand isn't that bad either.

  • Netflix sucks so hard. $20 a month and they don't have shows like Frasier or Seinfeld.

  • 20% off with iTunes cards :)

  • I pay for the premium plan, but I've lost count of the number of people who I share my account with.
    If i was going to divide it up, it would probably end up being $1 each! So I'm not complaining!

  • I must be old and/or not hip enough or something, but I reckon Netflix has heaps of great content. For both me and my 12 year old. And I watch tons.

  • Go binge, it's Foxtel at $10 price tag… Prime is good too around $5 a month if you get a year and get Amazon benefits. Having said that ive been watching sbs on demand that's free, so many good shows!

  • UN-shackle yourself from this monthly subscription … think of the annual accumulative cost.

    I am a cord snipper… I cut the Foxtel Cable and never looked back.

    You have the strength… trust in yourself.
    Re-visit your many many blurays…

    Entertain yourself on Utube.

    Read a book.

    You can do it!

  • So I received an email this morning from Netflix Stating that;

    Argentina issued a new tax collection rule on September 16, 2020, and your Netflix membership will be impacted.

    A tax of 35% will apply to your Netflix subscription. You’ll see the tax as a separate charge on your credit or debit card statement.

    Im going to leave it being billed through there at the moment but looks like I may need to find a new location…

    Currently being charged $8/9 AU per month(top package)
    The new increase will be roughly $3 in additional tax making the total around $11/12 AU per month as long as the exchange rate doesn't fluctuate too much it's still cheaper than an Australian subscription though.