Decent Bluetooth speakers in the $50 and under range?

Hi, I was using Harmon Kardon speakers which stopped charging, I'm not looking for an upgrade, but a downgrade in price now with decent sound. I am a big fan of Xiaomi products but not sure where to start. Would appreciate recommendations :)


  • Maybe you can get a more powerful one preowned, though I've noticed people price their old speakers really high, and they usually buy not great speakers in the first place. What Harmon Kardon were you using? There's a good chance a $50 BT speaker that sounds as good doesn't exist.

  • Portable anker soundcore motion Q. I haven’t used it but supposed to be very good for the price


    I ended up ordering this. Has good reviews. Hope it's decent

  • Could I piggy-back of this post and ask if anyone knows of a similarly priced bluetooth speaker that is directional, and comes with a charging stand? I have a large monitor in my office, and would like to get a pair to sit on my desk, but also be able to move them to my sofa when I watch TV late at night and not disturb others. Bass not important.