Unlimited Microsoft Training from DDLS until December with 2 Exam Vouchers $7500


You can also do 2 people and 4 exam vouchers for $11000.

Microsoft is subsidising DDLS due to corona, so they are running a deal allowing you to book unlimited courses until the end of the year (mostly online, some are in person depending on your city). A week long course usually runs 4-5k with these guys, and the training quality is A+ IMHO.

If you're in the IT world you'll know Microsoft certs aren't cheap. This deal allowed me to get 4 week long courses and a 1 day one slotted in before Christmas. That's a hell of a lot of PD.

Hope this helps someone :)

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  • i thought it was free lol

  • I did AZ-500 with DDLS and it was atrocious - the instructor went on tangents and just made us do the labs. Didn't cover the content at all so I had to take annual leave to actually study it because my work said "we already gave you the training, we're not going to give you time off."

    Also if anyone's looking at doing AZ-500 - you need to have prior hands-on experience configuring Azure. I understood all the concepts and reviewed the course material thoroughly, but the questions were scenario-based and you wouldn't know the answer from having done the course alone.

    As you can probably guess, I personally didn't find either the DDLS training or the AZ-500 exam worth the money - I got most of my knowledge from the course materials (which the instructor didn't cover) and the difficulty of the exam questions were just that they were confusing or complicated scenarios.

    But yeah - YMMV.

    • How much did the training cost?

      • https://www.ddls.com.au/courses/microsoft/azure/microsoft-az...

        Not cheap, and the materials are already freely available, with the lab material hosted on Github too, I think.

        • yeah I concur, you're basically paying for someone to explain stuff to you verbally because you CBF to read. If its not your money then go for it lol but I had similar experience with a similar course - the instructor in fairness was pretty good, but the labs are publicly available in Github and cost pocket money to run, and the materials are no better than what you'd get from random Azure book XYZ or Microsoft's own material. So the only real benefit is having a live person talking to you and answering QA.

          Bluntly speaking the instructors don't appear to have much IRL cloud deployment XP either, they can answer all the theory and clarify lab examples but are usually stuck when you ask them 'in the real world how is XYZ generally done' or 'in a live environment what are all the other settings outside of the isolated lab bubble config'. Not surprising as most of them are full time trainers i.e. they haven't worked on prod in years.

          In my case I found it beneficial getting a week off the line and being able to put 40 hours into lab/study lol not the actual course itself. Having an official course behind you gives your boss a legitimate reason to give you that week off, whereas they'd probably struggle to justify 'oh XYZ is going to self-study for a week' LOL

    • Damn, it sucks to hear that was your experience :( I did a SCCM Course with Gavin Tan about a month ago and found it went far above the book learning in terms of knowledge conveyed. I guess the trainer will make a big difference, but that makes sense. I enjoyed the lab access, and having it all set up ready to go saved me hours of setup config that I would have otherwise gone through. But yeah, 100% agree that YMMV depending on how you learn.

      I was looking at AZ-500 and instead decided to do AZ-104 due to only having played with Azure AD and doing AZ-900 previously. The wording on AZ-500 was ambiguous about pre-req's but it sounds like I made the right choice.

  • The reason DDLS is good is because of the lunches and the icecreams. Dunno if that benefit translates well to online classes.