Is a Wi-Fi 6 Router Worth Getting When on nbn?

On HFC NBN, not great. would Wi-Fi 6 router be worth upgrading too? and if so which is a good cheap one?


  • xiaomi mi ax3600 is cheap. ~$150 delivered.

  • You need to provide more information. For example, who is your current ISP, so we know what router they have supplied you. What devices do you have that are Wifi 6 compatible? How big is the area you need to cover and how many levels? What are you trying to do on your network?

  • It depends what you are doing. I hear a lot of folk say you don't need it if your internet is limited to 100Mb, but I care more about the transfer speeds around the internal network than the internet connection. 4 people in the house transferring and streaming things can use a lot more bandwidth, we have quite a few smart devices etc as well.

    Right now there still aren't a huge number of WiFi 6 endpoints around, but that has started increasing rapidly in the last year or so, and will only get more so.

  • on the topic of wifi6, it's pretty easy to update the wifi card in many laptops if you are so inclined. its basically a m.2 card

    i upgraded the card in my asus gaming laptop and it cost around $30, and took 15mins

  • Well, a Wifi 4 network on 5GHz would suffice if the sustained link speed with your wifi device is double your NBN speed.

    So wifi 6 router maybe worth getting if your current setup doesn't give you that.