9 Piece Baccarat Knife Set $299 (RRP $999) @ Baccarat Australia


Seems like a good selection of knives for those on a budget.

Baccarat ID3 Ryu Knife Block 9 Piece
What's Included
1 x 10cm Paring Knife,
1 x 10cm Serrated Utility Knife,
1 x 11cm Utility Knife,
1 x 12cm Santoku Knife,
1 x 15cm Santoku Knife,
1 x 18cm Santoku Knife,
1 x 20cm Chef Knife,
1 x 20cm Bread Knife

Blade constructed from premium quality tapered Japanese steel which gives it a razor sharp edge
Blade is ice hardened to ensure optimum strength and sharpness for precision cutting
Rockwell Hardness tested to level 53 to ensure they are extremely durable, hardwearing and will last a life time
Specially designed handle for optimum grip with its iD3 Microdots on the major pressure points of the handle
Handles designed to mould to users hand to decrease hand fatigue

Part of a sale on all their knives: https://www.baccarat.com.au/sale

PS If they run out of stock, same price at Home Depot https://www.yourhomedepot.com.au/baccarat-id3-ryu-9-piece-kn...

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  • For that price, get yourself a set of Global knives instead.

  • This is pretty overpriced imo

    • Even if you were after this specific set, I would question who really needs 9 knives. If you're anything like me or most people I know, you use one knife most of the time, and another two or three knives occasionally for specific uses. And if you're okay mixing and matching different knife brands, you can do way better than this set for less money.

  • Lots of reviewers on product review have bad things to say about these knives.
    Suspicious marketing "Japanese steel", having rust issues (is it even stainless? Semi stainless? High carbon?). Heat treated to 53 meaning it's softer than Global's crmova18 steel (for high carbon/semi stainless? What a joke)

    Reasons not to buy:
    - same/more expensive than global
    - rusts worse than global
    - steel softer than global
    - paying for way more santoku knives than you'll ever need.

  • That's about 6 more knives than you'd ever need.

  • I got big chefs knife( 27cm I guess) and small santoku from baccarat and like others stated they are very soft steel, I almost had to use honing stick after every use. I've not seen rusting problem over 6 months but I've put them on dishwasher. Recently got victorinox pairing knife and I can say there is huge difference. Btw I paid 30 for the chefs knife and 20 for the santoku

  • The RRP is a joke

  • Made in China by a Hong Kong-based company (small print inside the box!) Steel is either 'German' or, in this case, 'Japanese' which means…. practically nothing. It's likely Chinese steel and like almost everything coming from that country fake. They gain huge satisfaction (as well as huge profits) tricking stupid foreigners. Well, there's a sucker born every minute, isn't there?

  • These are absolute junk. Buy a couple of Victorinox knives for way less and both save AND have better knives.

  • These are awful, awful knives. Real RRP should be around $80, and that's mostly for the block. Save your money for one or two high quality knives elsewhere.

  • I wonder op bought one for himself at this price before posting. Down vote because: it’s not a deal this is just normal price. That bring us to seriously inflated and dodgy pricing, $299 is still way way inflated, let alone $999 at this price it’s highway robbery. This knife should not be compare with global, it’s way below, fair comparison would be with aldi, kmart knife. This post should belong to Ozscammer, wrong site op.

    • If the only posts here were things people bought themselves this'd be a pretty tiny site. No, I didn't buy.

      As for the price, Amazon, House, Bunnings, Robins Kitchen and Catch are all selling for $999.

      There's positive reviews for these despite ozbargain not loving them. For eg see reviews on https://www.house.com.au/product/baccarat-id3-ryu-knife-bloc...

      • Very convincing reviews: "Arrived quickly" awesome.

      • It's definitely a deal compared to what other sellers are selling the same product for.

        This isn't a great deal considering the "sale" price of those knives are more expensive than the sale price of a similar global set.

        The steel quality, forging and tempering process of these are inferior to the Global's. At these prices I would advise people to go buy the ikea 365 knives instead, which are a lot closer to Global's than these, and cheaper.

        In the end the main variables for cost for knives is manufacturing process and steel quality, so it's quite easy to compare different brands

      • Also the average kitchen knife that people have in their kitchens are so bad, they'd be impressed with the cutting performance of a well stoned butter knife

  • Available at House for $250

  • A certain mod here need to get either a life or a little more informed about knives if they think they were justified in revoking my "inappropriate neg" vote for these god-awful, super-soft, overpriced junk knives.

    There's got to be better ways to justify their existence…