Looking for Discounted Pixel 4

Would appreciate any advice on where to get a new discounted Pixel 4.
Everyone seems to be running out of stock and I seem to have missed the 64Gb clearance.

Cheapest I can find is $999 for 128Gb version at Officeworks.
Not fussed on storage (64Gb is fine).
Prefer the normal rather than XL version as I never have a problem with battery life and the XL seems too big for my pocket.

Currently have an OG Pixel XL.



  • I recommend having a look at facebook market for used but near new ones. There are plenty of them and you can bargain for as low as 550$ or less

  • Why not go for a brand new Pixel 4a @ $599? My wife just upgrade to the 4a from the OG Pixel and is loving it.

    • Not waterproof is the thing that turns me off.

      I'm also looking op, I imagine there will be deals coming up.

    • Yeah it's certainly on the radar but for my purposes the 4 is a better phone and if I can get it for $599 to $699 I'm all in! I'm happy to wait to see what the Pixel 5 is like but I suspect it's not going to be as powerful as the 4.

      Also I'm a real tight arse and paying $599 for a $599 phone must kills me. I got my current Pixel XL brand new for $360. 😂

  • Guess you can get your discounted 4 now