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Win a Custom RTX 3080 Gaming PC from PLE



Closing Date 04/10/2020 11:59pm


Description Custom Gaming PC (AMD Ryzen 7 3800X/Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC/Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite AX AM4).
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Gleam, Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription

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  • EVGA via PLE is the cheapest non-jacked up prices so far RTX3080

  • I wish we could know of creativity REALLY matters in these words or less competitions or if it is just a loophole to create a “game of skill” instead of “game of chance” and really they just pick a random winner…..

    I need to know if it is worth my uncreative arse entering or not!

    • smart way to weed out bot and low-effort entries tbh

      If I was running a comp like this where I wanted the answer to count, I'd randomly pick a smallish number (10? depends how much time I'd want to spend on it) and then whittle down the answers from there. So still part chance - the other 9 entries might be gibberish :)

    • You can usually read in the T's and C's if they actually read the entries or not - a lot of the time it will just say "winner is determined by random number generator from valid entries" and you don't have to put a lot of thought into it!

    • Unfortunately the answer to that is, sometimes.

      There are some that clearly don't read them at all and just random it, some that skim the answers and and some that really do read every single entry and pick their favourite.
      Having been at this for a while now, my approach is generally if I haven't come up with something in a couple of minutes, I probably don't have a winning answer in me for the question and I move on.

      I have had wins where it was clear by what they said that they read them all and others I have seen winners drawn in a "game of skill" where in a sea of well thought out and creative answers it will be some random comment like "me want win haha prize go brr" that gets "picked"

      • Wow that must have stung the people that put good thought into it!

        Okay, that’s pretty much what I suspected, like the ones that specifically state “the most creative answer wins” they will read every submission but the majority which state “our favourite answer wins” or “best answer wins” I always assume is a fat load and it is going to be just RNG.

      • I'm a bit late to this but PLE does theirs properly.
        Can't speak to any others but it's usually in the T&C for Australian-based comps.
        Whoever's running the comp is always supposed to say how winners are selected.

        • How do you know PLE does theirs properly and sticks to their T&C's?

          • @OzBrogains: I don't. It sounds risky. You definitely shouldn't enter.
            It would just be bad for everyone.
            What if you're allergic? entering could make you sick.
            None of this has anything to do with my wanting to win.

      • Thanks for the advice on reading the t&c's and how some of these games work.

        Hopefully it'll be my first ever ozbargain comp win :D

  • No ssd?