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[Switch] Super Mario 3D All Stars $68 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Missed out on getting Super Mario 3D All Stars through the amazon deal? Well Super Mario 3D All Stars is out today and Harvey Norman has the cheapest price around (eb $79, JB$69) at $68. Delivery and pick up available. Get in quick before it sells out.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Mario Galaxy is as good as I remembered, can't stop getting stars

  • Thanks OP, had a HN gift card that needed to be used so this post was very helpful

  • Glad I bought digital for the household.

    We can play two mario galaxy at the same time.

    The ost inclusion is awesome.

  • I loved Luigi's mansion 3 but never tried any of these yet.. Are these Mario 3D games similar? I can't tell just by watching gameplay videos..

    • Have you played Mario Odyssey? It'd be more similar to that than Luigi's Mansion. Luigi's Mansion was more puzzle based whereas these are more clearing through levels and collecting items, except it's a 3D level rather than traditional side scrolling platform.

      • oooh, Mario Odyssey wasn't my thing. Will skip these ones then. Thanks a lot for your reply!! :)

  • Whats the thoughts on this game? Some of the reviews arent that favourable. The menu's are drab, the graphics havent aged well and the n64 controls dont work that well when playing on a switch. Also the obvious marketing hype created by Nintendo of having a hard cut of date in march 2021, why?