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Vitamix High-Performance Blender E310 $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU & David Jones


Finally, a good deal on the E310. Usually between 500 to 600 dollars everywhere.

David Jones

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • According to Camelx3 the best price has been as low as $309 in December

  • +1

    Got this in the last deal, and it's an absolute weapon. Good find OP.

  • AmazonAU also price matched if anyone prefers to buy from them. black white

    • Main "Go to Deal" link is for Amazon, secondary link in the description is for David Jones.

      • Looks like I didn't read it properly then did the title has "Amazon" as well.

  • Amazon $0 cash back
    David Jones 1.5% cash back which will be $5.99😀

    • Would this be under the "electronics" category?

    • Pretty sure this is eligible for 6% cash back from shopback right?

    • That's what I thought as well

      • My bad, I only checked cash reward, forgot to check with shopback

    • my shopback tracked as $0.00 :(

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    I've hammered my vitamix for almost 15 years. Rock solid. The other day the variable speed started to wobble in speed. Opened it up and a capacitor leg had fatigue spanned from over a decade of vibration. I quick dob of solder and back to new. Indestructable. A few years back I treated myself to some replacement blades, even though the others still worked okay. Did seem to cut a little better. I also have a knock off that I use when travelling away from the family. I have not done that as much as I expected and while the logix is okay, at this price I would get the vitamix.

    • What do you use it for? Interested because I can’t imagine a blender being used in my family more than a few times a year.

      • Drinks, soups, sauces

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        Grind up oats for my protein shake. A 'normal' blender can't manage this. A supercharged blender like the Vitamix (or the Optimum that I have) turns them to dust in seconds.

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    Is this blender noisy? I have the nutria ninja and the whole family complains about the noise. Thanks

    • Would also like to know. The nutri ninja is hella loud. Like I need to use it in a different room with the door closed it is that loud.

    • I use Vitamix Ascent 3500i and its very noisy. Not sure about this model.

    • +1

      All blenders are noisy. /end

    • +2

      I have a 2300 and it sounds like a small group of Mil Mi-24 Hinds chasing a platoon of Panzers through my kitchen.

      Blends stuff really well though.

    • Yes, at max speed it's like a small jet engine. Probably a similar db level to the ninja but also more powerful so will likely be quicker. Short of spending a couple of thousand on a high end commercial model like 'The Quiet One', you won't escape the noise.

  • If anyone sees an offer for a Vitamix Ascent A2300i Blender please let me know, best I have found is the catch offer then Peters of Kensington/Amazon for $677.

    • $639.99 Costco online
      Have been hanging out for a deal on that model too

      • Thanks for that. For me it's hard to go past Amazon with their after sales service, free delivery. Also, no Costco membership for me…

  • +1

    This is as powerful as my Camry

  • I am looking to get a blender and was wondering if anyone can help me understand this.

    This claims power is 2HP. Which is around 1500 Watts.

    Compared with something like this,

    2200Watts and around 2.95 HP?

    Why do people prefer the Vitamix? Is it purely for the brand?

    • +3

      The quality of construction is far more important than wattage, much as a car cannot be valuated solely in its horsepower.

      From the blade assembly to the containers, vitamix has proven to be the longest lasting high powered blender in the world.

      I bought this to replace a ninja nutri system with everything because those piece of crap blades start leaking rusted brown gunk into your smoothies after four months and need to be replaced.

      • +1

        Thanks mate. Makes sense.

  • Still same price at DJs

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