Resetting Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Map (1st Gen)

Finally set up the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen bought from Gearbite.
Downloaded and set up the Mi Home App set to Australia (not Singapore as recommended, don't think that should matter here though?).
Came with apparently latest firmware 3.5.4_004010.

My first go with it I put it into a pretty empty room and shut the door. After about 30min checked up and it was done, and the app showed the simple map as expected.

I went to set up the station in the final planned location. Yet when I launch the app now, it seems to have half the floor already mapped without even being turned on there, including paths leading out from the backdoor. The app is installed onto my tablet, not my main phone. First time installing it so if the app was tracking where I've walked with it, that doesn't make sense in either case.

I don't care if the CCP know the layout of my place already. I just want to clear the map so that when I run the vac normally the map it finally creates is more reasonably correct without the random paths leading out to places it won't be able to get to. I've already tried a factory reset on the vac and clearing the app data. Can't see a delete map option in the app that other screenshots seem to show.


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    If you move the vaccum and start it again it will remap from where it starts from.

    The only time the map is really beneficial is if you want to spot clean an area on the map, but it will remap once completed anyway.

    • I put some stuff to essentially create a tiny room just before.
      It quickly finished it just now, but the map in the Mi Home App still loads up with the same partial floor map.

      This clean was started by me just pushing the button the vac directly.

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    The vacuum uses a laser in that thing on the top which is spinning around looking for hard objects, walls/chair legs etc, measuring the distance from itself and placing them on its map. As Baa said, it remaps every time you use it so the laser will always look down paths it can't access, if it does that then it will know access is blocked from using its front or wall sensor.

    • ah ok think I'm understanding it now. So the map is including the laser returns so that's why it shows areas it hasn't been too, including out through a glass door.
      I had always assumed the final map would only display areas it has/can actually go.

  • The robot will create a new map when you start a "Clean" in the app. Remember that using "Clean" will reset the map every single time. So if you want to keep your map, use Zoned Map only.

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