Incorrect State on Gumtree Listings

This might seem like a strange question, but it's frustrating me and Gumtree support was of no use.

I live in Windsor Queensland and have listed a lot of items on Gumtree in the past week. However all of my ads are appearing as Windsor NSW. I keep getting phone calls and messages to pickup, and then abuse when I say I'm in Brisbane, not Sydney. People have even reported my ads for false location and Gumtree has deleted them.

It's obviously a bug at Gumtree's end, and I have contacted support who just get me to edit each listing and select Windsor Qld again. I select my location from the drop-down as follows: Queensland > Brisbane Region > Brisbane North East > Windsor. This doesn't fix the problem and the listing still shows as NSW. I'm reluctant to pay for any listing upgrades when I can't be guaranteed the correct location.

Has anyone else had the same problem with a suburb/town with the same name in a different State? What did you do?

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    Use the suburb next to you

  • Are you using the "Use my current location" feature? Don't you have the option to just type in the suburb?

  • sounds like gumtree are retards then and don't recognise their own bug. do as above said or do as before and put gumtree support # as the contact

    • Gumtree support don't seem to be able to handle anything out of the ordinary, and especially don't recognise anything as their fault.

  • Use the suburb next to you that has no duplicate name with other states.

    • I had some of the listings removed because my 'location was not correct' and someone reported the ad. What's the likelihood of that happening again if I put the suburb next to mine? If I pay for a listing upgrade and it's reported and removed, I've just wasted that money.

      • If somebody posted as Lutwyche and was actually in Windsor I wouldn't care. Gumtree is dumb though. All those big companies are when they have a bug.

  • Gumtree support are useless. The format of text in tge ads I post have like 3 lines between each sentence for no reason. It's obviously a common bug as lots of ads seem to have this issue… They offer no assistance.

    Have tried to self resolve using multiple devices, browsers & accounts. No dice.

  • Realistically, the quickest way to sort this out given Gumtree support is to move to Sydney.