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Novelty Socks $2.85 (Free Delivery on All Purchases) @ Luggage Online


67 sock designs
free delivery on all purchases
one size fits all
80% cotton,15% polyester and 5% spandex

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  • Sock puppet time!

  • how long do these take to deliver ? my previous order hasnt arrived yet

  • My previous order came this week but very small sizes and don't fit. I'm men's 11

    • Thanks for the heads up. I'm sick of seeing cute socks around lately that are 'one size fits all' - uh, no. That's not how feet work. My women's size 11 feet will miss out yet again.

    • Yay. Mine are two weeks in the void, and now I know they won't fit anyway…

  • Thanks, got some for my wife :)

  • I ordered from you guys 2 weeks ago, still no word on my order or no reply to my email 6 days ago asking for an update.

  • I made orders both two weeks ago and last week, finally got all of them today. No replies to email, but they did answer the phone. Some orders are tracked some not. Two similar orders arrived today with one tracked and one not, not sure why.

  • None of my orders from here are tracked. I ordered 2 lots from the first deal, both sent on the same day, received a few days apart. Both with a free gift.

    But in Vic I'm getting this a lot. For example, two other orders that are tracked I had one arrive in Melbourne on Saturday last week, one on Sunday. The one that got to Melbourne on Sunday was delivered Tuesday, no update on the one that arrived in Melbourne on Saturday. It's been like that for me since stage 4 started, some things are only slightly slower than before, other things seem to get stuck for a bit.

    I wear men's 9/women's 10 and they fit me.

  • Reading the messages in this thread, I get the feeling the ones I ordered last time aren't going to fit Mens size 15 feet.