Gamerholic Continuing with Rubbish Behaviour

In light of continued and consistent rubbish behaviour from the store owner, I'd like to ask if it could be considered that a warning be presented on the deals posted for Gamerholic, or just an outright ban?

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  • That's a store being a dick to other stores. That's not out concern. We are not here are commercial arbiters. There is a proper channel for that.

    I'm not saying that Gamerholics' alleged behaviour is acceptable, I'm just saying it has no relevance to bargains.

    If they fail to deliver, make false representations of the products/services, price jack, etc. then it is a relevant matter.

    • if you read the threads, they have -

      They have, on several occasions, appeared to have:

      • Played hard ball with refunding purchases
      • Marked items as in stock, without actually having stock - Falling back to ordering from other stores (and providing the buyers address and other details to said stores)
      • Generally sold items with poor packaging, leading to damage.

      Among some other stuff. We've purchased games from them before, and they came pretty poorly packaged and in some cases damaged - the seller was quite rude when we reported it, so we vowed not to buy from them again.

      • Then ban them for those reasons.

        What I am saying is not in contrary to your claims. I don't have a horse in this race. I'm simply pointing out that there are valid reasons to ban a vendor and then there are invalid ones. Both types of reasons can exist simultaneously.

  • This is like when YouTubers get on the back and forth drama train. This is why I quit Fartbook.

    Report them to Google if they are leaving fake reviews.

    I got a feeling that had the disgruntled party been a real board gamer, mum’s basement dwelling, cheetos dust covered neck beard, it wouldn’t have gotten as much traction as what Emily got with it.