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Hi OzBargain Community,

I have made a new app to help people find the best fuel price in their area, anytime! The app is called FuelRadar and is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The Fuel Radar website provides more information about our app.

You might have heard of other apps like MotorMouth and Petrol Spy. I went on the mission of creating a new app, which offers new features with a better user interface and doesn't rely on crowdsourced data to display fuel prices. I wanted to make something better than what's already out there.

Other apps make it hard to truly find the best fuel price and they don't support every fuel type. These apps can also be biased in the way fuel data is displayed, by promoting stations, creating an unfair fuel price and misleading users.

FuelRadar on the other hand, supports all stations which are currently supported by Government sources, updates fuel data every 15 minutes, is not biased when presenting fuel data, allows for users to add their fuel cards and apply per-litre discounts from stations they are a member of, see average fuel prices for nearby areas, favourite fuel stations, view a detailed summary of a station and colour-coded guides make it easy to quickly know which stations offer the best fuel prices. Users also have the flexibility to choose the range of fuel data from 1km to 40km, change the fuel type, fuel brands displayed and sort the order of stations on their preference.

Platforms FuelRadar is available on:
* Google Play Store
* App Store
* Web App

FuelRadar now supports the following states/territories:
* Western Australia
* Northern Territory
* Queensland
* New South Wales
* Tasmania

What about the following states/territories?
*South Australia

We have now introduced support for Tasmania. We will soon be supporting South Australia, as they will be introducing Government sourced fuel data. However, Victoria & ACT do not currently provide up-to-date fuel prices from Government fuel data. This is where crowd-sourced data is needed.

However, we don't want to introduce crowd-sourced fuel data, as we have found other apps, which utilse this feature, can become targets of users submitting false fuel information, causing annoyance and havoc for other road users of the app. This is why FuelRadar will only utilse official Government fuel data, where the data can be reliant based on the data submitted from fuel station operators.

We hope you enjoy the app and let us know if you encounter any problems. The FuelRadar team will act promptly with new updates and more features are planned on our roadmap soon.

Kind Regards,

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  • No love for Victoria


      Unfortunately, Victoria does not provide accurate Government fuel data. Therefore, crowd-sourced data is required.

      • That surprises me as someone who moved to NSW from Vic. The FuelCheck app in NSW is great, shame Victoria has to rely on crowd-sourced data for prices.

    • just use Petrol Spy

    • +1 vote

      Unfortunately, Victoria does not provide accurate Government fuel data. Therefore, crowd-sourced data is required.

  • What does this do over the NSW Fuel Check app that makes it worthwhile to endure ads or pay to remove them?


      A key feature FuelRadar offers is the ability to add fuel discounts and fuel membership cards into the app. Prices displayed in the app will then reflect an individual's membership and truly show the best fuel prices in their area. For example, if you have a United Fuel Card which saves 4c off per litre, you can add this into FuelRadar, and FuelRadar will automatically reflect the 4c off per litre discount for all United Stations.

      • Noted. That doesn't seem to add much value to me, I can figure out -4c discount for Flybuys in my head but may help others. Thanks for the prompt response.

  • Thanks.

    Some quick, minor usability suggestions:

    • For Fuel Type, I'd suggest using the label "E10" instead. AFAIK that's what it's displayed as at all petrol stations, and most app users won't know if E10 is ethanol 94 or ethanol 105, assuming they even know it's ethanol.

    • The map screen realestate is tiny with those permanent messages, making it hard to manipulate. Those messages don't need to be permanent. Perhaps give the user the ability to remove or minimise them. Maybe minimise to 1 or 2 icons to be able to display them again later?

    • The message "FuelRadar found n stations for petrol type" has a tick next to it making it look interactive, but apparently it's not. The message below it is interactive (tappable) creating some inconsistency.

    • A few times I was reading a message or text and it just disappeared as the app finished loading some information and displayed it instead.

    • A toast popped up with an update about a "10+ cent price increase". Longer messages like this are better as a message dialog with an "OK" button so the user can take their time to read it and absorb the meaning before it disappears. Toasts are fine as short confirmations and the like.

    • The message "FuelRadar is now scanning around for the best deals" flashes. Flashing text makes it more difficult to read. It also messes up accessibility features. Flashing text is generally a no-no in the design world. (That's why <blink> never made it into the HTML standard.) And does flashing the text add anything that the animated graphic doesn't already convey?

    Hope this helps. Far more than I intended to write :)


  • great innovation and improvement. all the best.

  • Without looking at it, can you show ‘diesel’ and ‘premium diesel’ in the same search? Different brands list theirs as standard or premium in our area, but there is typically little difference in price and no appreciable difference in fuel quality.

    Eg our local 7-11 is typically the cheapest diesel around, but is listed as premium so it’s harder to compare prices with the other low price sites. This leads to two searches in the current fuel price app I’m using