Codenames $19.86, Pandemic $48.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest, but good price with free shipping (prime account)



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  • Pandemic is an amazing game

    • And it’s free

      • In the fictional version while living in Victoria you can travel >5km from your house without penalty

    • It's an amazing game but Pandemic Legacy Season 1 is so much better and able to play the base pandemic game as well. I own both and have finished both.

      I would say just buy pandemic legacy season 1 when it's below $60

  • Bought Codenames :D

  • Note Codenames at 19.86 are not sold by Amazon

  • Just be careful buying from handsomes stores, I bought codenames from them before and I received what I suspected to be fake. Returned it and bought a copy directly from Amazon instead which looked much better.

    • According to their profile they "Just launched" and are not selling anything else other than Codenames, so does look suspicious.

    • This. Amazon is only a couple of dollars more @ $21, although having said that given stock co-mingling and Amazon customer service… could be much of a muchness.

  • I don't need to buy Pandemic. I can move to Victoria.

  • Lots of fake versions of codenamed out there - at this price I suspect this (and the pandemic) are one of them

  • If you are under restrictions, there is a good official online version of codenames that's easy to play over a video call

  • Codenames is not much more at kmart for a legit copy and is not owned by bezos. Just for consideration, not being pushy

  • I've played both.

    Quick review:

    Codenames is a really fun party game where you can pretty much play 2-8 people (more is possible too). It's easy to teach, and very repayable.

    It's quick to set up, each game is fairly quick. If someone takes too long, you can start the hourglass to get decisions going. I would highly recommend at this price. I would highly recommend codenames XXL which is identical, but bigger cards for your uncle and aunties, grandparents that can't read small words.

    Pandemic is a great game that I cannot recommend because it's overshadowed by pandemic legacy season 1. I've seen pandemic legacy season 1 for under $60 which you can play the base pandemic with it as well.

    I would recommend buying PLS1 and skip base pandemic entirely. Play PLS1 as base pandemic and then move to the legacy game. Save yourself from buying both. Great game for 2-4 players. Personally, sweet spot is 3 players. Each game takes slightly over an hour so if you are playing long sessions like gloomhaven, D&D, this might be a a nice change in pace.

    Edit: AMA about these games and I am happy to answer any questions

    • Thanks mate. Codenames says it's 2 players, but then why is there also Codenames Duet? Is that somehow… better for two people?

      • Sorry, just saw your question. Short answer, yes. Codenames duet is better for 2 players and cannot be played with more players. Codenames on the other hand can do both 2 players and 4 or more players.

        Codenames duet players better as 2 player game because it's designed around both players guessing and giving clues in the round rather assigning a singular role of eather guessing or giving clues per round.

        Playing Codenames as a two player is okay. But it's a compromised experience to the duet imo.