Apple Watch 3 Vs Other's

Hey Guys

As new Apple watch SE and 6 now arrived is it still worth to buy one Apple watch 3 ? I have never used one before but just need a taste first time. I have checked and its costing me under $260 Brand new 42mm but on the other hand thinking to buy SE or wait for 5 price to be go down in coming days.
Also how's the battery life & functions? Will that work with OnePlus or do i have to buy new Iphone also?

What's your Opinion?

Thank You


  • It's up to what features that you are looking for in a watch. You have different options like Fitbit, garmin ,Samsung watch, if you are in Android.

    I would prefer a apple watch of you are using an apple product.

    • But is it still worth to buy this Series 3 ?

      • If the features you want is there then with the latest watch OS it’s much faster. Still very usable for now. I have a S3 and it was quite laggy before the update.

  • I don't think you can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone (I might be wrong for the cellular models though) because it requires an iPhone to pair to and download apps from.

    I have a S2 though, without cellular — and it only works paired with my iPhone.

  • Probably the best thing to do is look at the 3 and 5 next to each other and Google around for some comparisons. My gut reaction here is I would go for the SE. I prefer the extra screen realestate and you will get IOS updates for longer. However, the 3 is a tasty price, at the moment.

  • I wouldn't get the Apple watch without having an iPhone as my main phone. It'll defeat the purpose as you are not getting the full experience in terms of apps, software etc. But if you are already with an Android device, I wouldn't just switch phones just for the sake of using an Apple watch, I would look at alternatives from like Samsung, LG or Huawei. Toss up if you are actually going to use it and whether its functionality will benefit you. Things like the fitness functionality, notifications, using the Apple pay, using things like maps, receive calls, reminders etc etc

    Though personally I have never got into the Smart Watch game as I find that they are a pricey accessory that is too reliant on your phone anyways… just my own opinion. I prefer a good old fashioned wrist watch and never leave the house without it.

    • I think you might change your mind if you actually had one. It is worth it for the Dick Tracey wrist watch Phone, for a start. No more charging around the house looking for my phone to answer. I can send messages, check the weather, look at my exercise data, control my music, etc all without having to take my phone out of my bag. My phone is a hot spot, an exercise aggregate site, and a camera and not a lot else. My suggestion to people would be get the watch and a lower end phone.

      • It's all good, I appreciate smart watches for what they are but just not for me as i prefer my mechanical watches as I collect them as a hobby 🙂

  • Using the Apple Watch without an iPhone is like wearing a pair of shoes without the sole.