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[NSW, ACT, VIC, WA] Monteith’s Phoenix IPA 12x 330ml $24.99 @ ALDI


A clean, crisp malt base allows this unique fusion of American Simco, Chinook and Citra hops to shine, resulting in a heady aroma of pine and citrus.

ABV: 5.0%

While stocks last.

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  • Sigh… Wish Aldi was allowed to sell alcohol in SA :(

  • Be careful with simcoe hops!
    Many people find it extremely pungent like cat pee and bitter/dirty tasting.

    Roll the dice I guess!

    • Why they drinking cat pee? But yeah, she's hoppier than a paddock full of one legged kangaroos!

    • Is that what they use in Corona?
      I thought it was Super Alpha? ;)

    • No idea why you're negged
      Cat pee is literally one of the descriptions some people have for the dank smell of simcoe hops

      Pretty rare though…personally a big fan of simcoe for its piney resin hop profile

      • Dunno, I guess a some people just have no idea what they're on about.

        I love Monteiths so it's nothing personal, one of my favourite beers of all time is one of their seasonal releases.

  • Actually can't wait for this pack. Monteiths is always good.

  • Nice beer. I have had a couple of 6 packs this week from first choice for $16 on special, so this is a good deal too.

  • Geez times are tough but not so tough I want to drink Isopropyl!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • I had one each of the Monteith's IPA, Stockade XPA Splice and West City XPA on the same night.
    Would probably rate them 1.Stockade, 2.West City, 3.Monteith's

    The Stockade and West City both good XPAs geared slightly towards different taste profiles and Monteiths trailing a decent way behind.
    The Monteith's taste decent at the start but then the flavor fell away quickly, I found them kind of sweet, malty and musty, simple and boring (usually IPAs have a lot of character) and I wasn't looking to race back to the fridge for another. Others might enjoy them but they weren't my cup of beer.

    I think the Stockades are on sale at First Choice for $16… they were yesterday at my local anyway. If you don't like XPA they may not interest you but if you are open to anything give them a go. I found them crisp, reasonably full bodied, juicy and easy to drink with a decent hit of grapefruit while not being too bitter. If you prefer an XPA that is geared towards tropical notes that build up even more over time then West City may interest you.

    One thing to note, I did get 2 sixers of Stockade after that over the next couple of months that were not the same. The flavor just wasn't there, they were dull and I thought they must have changed the recipie. On the 4th sixer and onwards they are back to their best. Bad batch maybe?

    • I have had all three in the last month or so too.
      I find the Splice XPA too light on the hops - it has grapefruit for fruitiness, but not much hops. I would rate the Monteith's over it for the extra hoppy bitterness.
      The Westend XPA is one of my favourite beers at the moment. In flavour profile it sits between the other too, with more bitterness than the splice, but more fruit than the Monteiths.

      I would happily buy the Monteiths at this price.

  • Let me guess the Carlsberg isn't real (from Denmark), and is that swamp water from Adelaide?

  • Flat out refuse to buy Monteiths (DB Breweries) based on this

  • not an IPA at that % really

  • Lots of stock left at Box Hill South, VIC last night at 7pm. Also managed to grab a six pack of the HB Hefeweizen that was on sale from the week before.