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[eBay Plus] XGIMI MOGO Pro 1080P Portable Projector $649 Delivered (50% off) @ iot.hub eBay AU


it's just a pocket size 1080P projector with 4 hours of battery and also Harman Kardon speakers.

Good price for that model, sells HK $8000 in HK, around AU $1400
now half price at $650 with eBay Plus.
300 ansi is a minus, not bright enough for outdoor use.

200 units in total.

with Android TV, not some scary customised system, so pretty handy.

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  • Haha it doesn't sell for that much in HK, but this is still a good price.


    Here's a good in-depth review for it (scroll down to the bottom for English version)

  • This or Nebula Capsule II?

  • $649 seems to be normal price

  • I have non pro version and been using it for few months, very happy with the performance and sound and android tv
    Only negative is that it's useless during day (even if you have a blinds etc), at night it's perfect.

    Other benefits are being portable and built in battery.

    Not sure if the price is amazing but product sure is well built.

    PS: Netflix native support is not yet available (sideload works fine)

    • Hey mate, mind checking out my question directly below? I realise yours is the non pro.


      • My usage is limited to night time (dawn/dusk sometimes) and project image is usually over 100inch size.
        I can see pixels if I am standing close the image (or pay particular attention). My current set up is such that I am viewing from good 4-5 meters from the image so I don't actually see the pixels (its still there but I don't notice it). I know picture quality is not that great (for reference, I use the LG CX in my living room) but good enough for my usage.

        I also project image straight on to the wall and it serves me well.

        I would not buy this to put into a dedicated theatre room (its not bright enough for day time usage nor is the image quality for such usage).

  • Anyone have any idea how 1080p looks when blown up?

    Also related, how strong is the bulb within this? Like how far back can I get without losing colour /quality Equivalent of 70 inches…. 100?

    • 300 ansi lumen, so it's pretty dim, also 55 Walts of power only.

      • https://au.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Mijia-MJJGTYDS02FM-DLP-Projec...

        this looks like a better option with 500 ANSI

        I been thinking to buy this.

        • if you're looking at one without portability/battery powered, maybe consider epson tw5600 usually 700+ when on sale

        • Better specs but it does lack horizontal keystone correction

        • Yes I can vouch for Xiaomi Mijia Youth Version. However there is V2 coming out with horizontal keystone which would be a significant feature.

          I love my Xiaomi Projector, quality is excellent I use it 3.5 metres to get 120+ inch display and it feels like a cinema! Speakers on this one is excellent too. 500ANSI is good for dark room but like others have noted its not very usable in daytime. With blinds its good though.

          For the price and the quality I think Xiaomi is a no brainer. Global version is excellent.

    • Also curious. We have a purpose built theatre room and recently purchased a cheap 75in TV but I am still curious as to how this could fair for a few hundred less.

    • I had the Mogo first. I found it too dim and the pixels were very obvious. Image isn’t very sharp, especially when there’s text involved. I found max projection size to be about 80”. Any larger and the image becomes too dim and blurry.

      Sold that and bought the Mogo Pro. The extra 50 ANSI Lumens did make a small difference to brightness, but the image a lot sharper. Night and day difference to the Mogo. I found optimal projection size to be about 100”.

      Sold the Mogo Pro and bought the XGIMI Halo. Very bright at 600-800 ANSI Lumens and image is super crispy. Could project 120”-150” without any issues. Excellent portable projector and the one I would recommend. The biggest downside is the price as it’s around $1.2k.

      Please note that for these projectors, they need to be used in a dark room with no ambient lighting.

      • Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Very helpful. May need to go with the Halo when it goes in sale aye…

        Out of curiosity, anyone know how many lumens is required for comfortable viewing in a dim room (say on an overcast day)…

        Or for that matter if I were to want to go all out and buy an expensive projector vs a new TV. how many is needed to watch as normal in a well lit room - is this even achievable with a projector?

        • I think that would depend on the size of the image you want to project. But the image quality of a projector would always be inferior to a TV in a lit room, regardless of the number of ANSI Lumens you throw at it. It’ll look washed out, even with only a small amount of light in the room.

          Also ANSI Lumens is not the same as Lumens.

  • Bought one. Just wanted to project to ceiling so I can lay on bed and watch movies all night. Yes, I know I'm very lazy!

  • 50% discount is misleading as it’s rrp is not $1400

  • It's probably best to wait for price reduction and or global version of Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro