Level 5 Automation and How You'd Spend Your Time if You Didn't Have to Drive?

Hey guys I just wanted to get people's thoughts about electric vehicles, Tesla and level 5 automation.

It won't be long before Tesla start getting the green light from regulators and I wanted to know how you'd spend your time commuting to work of you didn't have to drive?

I know I'd rather play a few more hours of Halo or something but I reckon most people will just end up trying to be more productive.

Really interested to hear what you'd do with the spare time.

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  • Sleeping.

  • Here's some information for starters:

    I think "Auto-Pilot" as marketed by Tesla gives people the impression that it is a Level 4 Automated Vehicle. In truth, it is a Level 2 vehicle. They know this false-impression exists, and they do not care to address it. They profit from it. It is in their best interest to avoid it. And for those reasons, I think Tesla is complicit in the current state.

    I think we need to use all the tools to tackle this issue. Build better roads. Teach better people. Design better cars. Use multiple LiDar, Cameras, PCs, etc etc. So it's a long road. But areas like Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc etc are best placed to allow this. USA has the money, but also huge issues to sort out.

    We are a VERY LONG away from Level 4 and Level 5 automation, both from a technological point and from a legal standpoint…. let alone a societal shift. The benefits of Level 4 or Level 5 automation is actually not that huge for most drivers. Where it would have a huge benefit is to get rid of certain low-quality drivers off the wheel (I personally know some!), and give access to children, elderly, and disabled people to drive to where they like without a personal chauffeur.

    What do I think most people would do?
    They would do what I would do: check out OzBargain, and watch some YouTube!
    The average person won't (and perhaps shouldn't) cram in more work, take a nap, or use it for hygiene, or rushing in some brekky. I can see this segment as a multi-billionaire for Ads, and that annoys me.

    • I agree with what you are saying, but I suspect in car prioritising cultures (which includes lots of Australia!) there will be adaptions to assist the cars along the way.
      Consider that a new toll road might accommodate 50% more vehicles if they are all "self driving". It doesn't seem like a stretch to me that the operators could convince government to let them ban human driven cars from that toll way, as they currently ban horses or bikes.

      So the whole problem of self driving doesn't need to be solved for substantial benefits to accrue. If I was commuting from the ex-urbs to the city, an hour of self driving with 10mins at either end in human traffic would still be a big improvement.

      • Yes, but there's just so many misconceptions and lies thrown in for Automation.
        One is the abolishment of traffic lights, where cars can drive through each other narrowly missing because… computers! Or ditching gridlocks, and snakeways on freeways. People forget that computers have their limitations both hardware and software, and through other means like the incoming signal etc etc. Solutions must be based in reality, can't just call it "AI" and ask it to do actual magic.

        The fact is, there will be benefits… but its largely over-blown.
        If people want more of these benefits today, take the train*. It's far more efficient means of travel. And if that option isn't available, then busses. And if that's not available, well, then we come to the solutions of either moving residential, or to robo-taxis and automation.

        So I'm not opposed to it. I'm just angry that there are deaths associated with the current lacklustre implementation, and even the best of us (Elon Musk) doesn't care. It can, and most likely will, get worse unless we intervene the open market and put some government regulation in place. Volvo was the first to go on record to state they will take full responsibility and that's what we need. They will be liable for deaths, injuries, and damages caused by their autonomous vehicles, when it is the fault of their device or the design, and not caused by the other party or pedestrian, or an improper modification/use by the driver. Such a move forces the automobile company to not cut-corners, and do a proper job. And so it would actually speed up the evolution of Auto-cars. Yeah, whole problem of self-driving doesn't need to be solved first, but maybe most of it should? Cutting corners leads to seeing more and more reports about very stupid and avoidable accidents made by current EVs, and I'd wager this hurts the development and transition more than anything. It only takes one person… one that is rich, powerful, and popular (eg Melania Trump)… if the latest and greatest Tesla caused a negligent accident that lead to their death, this could see the entire fleet being recalled and the entire Auto-Pilot program be removed from roads for all Teslas and EVs, and then getting the feature back on-road becomes exponentially harder for all first-world countries/states/cities.

        *you know, covid restrictions allowing.

        • Volvo, taking legal responsibility…..

          1. legal - there’s a minefield.
          2. Deaths - how many before they realise they screwed up.
          3. Foreign company - good luck in getting money especially with 1 & 2 above.

          Volvo crashes with Tesla, which software is the blame?

          Volvo crashes with Vintage Mustang, without computer assist?

          In Phoenix where tests are still occurring, safe Computer assisted cars take much longer times to get to destination, because the Computer is more cautious. Other drivers stuck behind then hate them.

          Every Ozbargainer with 2nd hand $2k Camry will be forced off road.

          By the time Automation is ready, and all old (non automated) cars are banned, most drivers here if still alive will have lost ability to drive.

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    this means porn/masturbation right?

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    I really hope Lvl 5 happen in my lifetime but I can't see it happening unless everyone on the road mandated with a minimum level of automation.

    I also wish that more companies realise that people can be productive working home - eliminating the need of travel altogether

  • I already get the train to work, I can get up and walk around and go to the toilet, no self drive car will be better than that.

  • I would spend my commuting time working if I could. Then leave the office early. I already do that sometimes depending on which state I'm working in, and if I can be bothered logging in during my commute. Sometimes I'd rather just do nothing on the train, other times I'll do work.

  • Level 5 is a long way off. Do not be deceived by the hype. "It wont be long" is not how it should be put.

    Hoping that it becomes reality in this decade.

  • How long will it be before self driving cars come up with some technology to drive so they can sit back in the car like us hunams

  • I just can't see it coming to the average commuter. There are nuances to driving, particularly on smaller streets, that I can't imagine a computer being able to navigate through.

    Perhaps just on the Freeway.

  • I get motion sick if i stare at a screen in a car, but I suppose a self driving car would control the vehicle really smoothly so maybe I'd be fine. I suppose I'd take care of emails on my phone while commuting, while listening to music or watching TV on my iPad. And so long as I don't need to drive, I'll probably do it high or after a few drinks.

  • This is how it starts. First they drive for us and then before you know it, they're using our blood for lubrication.

  • I don’t have a stupid long commute. I enjoy driving (mostly). I’d possibly keep driving.

    Long holiday journeys might be a different matter. Currently at least while I’m driving I get to see the countryside.

  • Driving because it will never happen (at least not in my lifetime).
    If you want self driving cars, get in a train.