Amazon Magic Auto Pricing Discounts

With $39 free shipping, I noticed a thing a couple times. I had a cart worth $39.30.
I browsed for a while more, then came back 1hr later.

I was notified an item has dropped in price by 40c.

But now I need to add 10c of items to get free shipping.

Coincidence? It seems to have happened a couple times.

We know Amazon have in past varied pricing according to how much they think you would pay for an item. They were caugt and promised to not do so again.

This could be a different type of reactionary discount cuz hey see I'm still browsing and I would probably add an extra item.

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  • What was the item the changed in value?
    Amazon still use a variable supply/demand pricing model which fluctuates very regularly.
    I have a few alerts set on CamelCamelCamel and sometimes get alerts for price changes 6 times a day on the same item

  • Its just based on aud vs usd, it can constantly change, some items change hour to hour.

  • I havent seen any personalised pricing if that’s what you’re asking.
    A lot of it is just price fluctuations and/or availability of third-party sellers.
    Some books on my watch list go up and down a couple of cents daily (sold by Amazon UK, Book depository and Amazon AU preorders)

    • yeah I just wonder whether dynamic pricing is still a thing, here or in any other site.

  • I work on the Amazon team that tracks viewer carts, and yes if we see an item in someone's cart we will change the price of that item for everyone in the world just to bump your cart down below the free shipping threshold.