Aftermarket Ryobi 36v batteries

Need a line trimmer. Dont want to go the petrol route, so planning on getting Ryobi 36v one from Bunnings. It comes with a shit 2.5aH battery, that is fine for a start.
Did anyone buy or use aftermarket batteries?
Some no name brands on eBay for half the price. Not sure if they are any good, but buying a tool with charger and 2.5aH battery for the price of 5ah is crazy


  • Personally, for the quite high price of the 36v Ryobi gear, and the crazy battery price… Not to mention the less than ideal reputation of 36v battery longevity…. I'd go another brand. Maybe Ego or even Makita 18x2.

    They go on special much more as Bunnings doesn't own the monopoly on the them, and you can often get redemptions for tools or batteries.

    Don't get me wrong, I've got about 40 Ryobi 18v tools… And they're great for the price, mainly because of the warranty that picks up the slack on any quality issues (awesome tools, but you do get some failures… But any brand does) But the batteries are pricey and specials are extremely rare,which makes Ryobi hard to recommend.

    I've got a few 18v gaeden tools.. Brushless Line trimmer, hedge trimmer, pole saw, brushless chainsaw, sprayer, fogger, seed spreader, blowers.

    But, if 18v isn't enough for the garden… I'd be going a different route for sure. Oh. The brushless line trimmer is surprisingly powerful. Takes care of my 2500m block pretty well, I only use the 9ah and 6ah HP batteries on it though.


  • I have the ryobi 18v brushless line trimmer.
    It goes pretty well (million times better than the non brushless one, that's a piece of junk)

    Couldn't justify the cost of the 36v one, or the extra battery cost (have the 36v mower) when U have a few of the 18v tools already.

  • In my experience, cheap aftermarket batteries are always shit. They use cheap cells that can't supply the necessary current, and they often have less than half the advertised capacity. Most people don't fully test batteries or even have the capability to do so, so the ebay reviews are often overwhelmingly positive

    A better strategy is probably to find an adapter and use another tools battery, but those are more common in the 18/20v side of things.

    edit: Of course a line trimmer is on the low end of things, so even a cheap 36v battery would probably do just fine.

  • Heads up - looks like some aftermarkets are crap:

  • I used a aftermarket 18v battery from eBay on my trimmer. No issue just a battery last about the same as original but half the price.

  • Most aftermarkets are probably easier to rebuild with better cells etc.
    I don't have any Ryobi gear, just some bits from the Ozito 18v brushless range (sprayer not brushless =) , blower and hammer drill)

    I was looking at buying 36v brushless trimmer kit that comes with 4ah battery($399), which is a good price upgrade from skin only $319

    Never had a trimmer and will not be using it often. But could not decide on a budget petrol straight shift one or a cordless one. If I could find a stihl one for $100 in a good condition I would probably get it. But I also needed a split shaft one, as I am doing my folks place too but will not fit into my car as a whole piece

  • Why do you need more than 2.5ah battery? My yard has around 250m of edging and a 2.5ah battery in the 36v line trimmer does the job with spare capacity.

    • I wanted a brushless one. If one does not have any 36v gear a kit with 4ah and charger for under $100 extra makes sense. I was more thinking in line of getting things like lawn mover etc without the batteries

      • Fair enough. I have a line trimmer and mower purchased 2nd hand. Recently my 5ah battery packed it in which means I now need to do the lawn in two stages. Ie front one day, back lawn after batteries charged. I was doing all lawn with edges and mowing on a 2.5+5ah battery with charge to spare.

  • I have a 40v 4ah aftermarket off eBay. Works great