Road fines and demerit points

Was thinking what all these possible fine amounts were on these road rule threads.

Thks to @Pegaxs for more of an update with links to State and pdfs
Original ariticle that promoted this post:

Astounding. Cops would be busy writing out tickets 24/7 if they actually policed these infringements.


  • Link to the offences and penalties (not from outdated news site)

  • Just don't get a driving fine. It is so easy.

    Don't drive.

  • Cops would be busy writing out tickets 24/7 if they actually policed these infringements.

    Well they are busy 24/7. They just tend to focus on the serious fines and we, as a community, largely rely on deterrent factor for the other stuff.

    • It's not "ReVeNuE rAiSiNg" if the infringement/fine is optional. If you dont want to contribute to the "ReVeNuE" coffer, it's relatively simple to avoid. Know your road rules and abide by them.

      • Haven't been pinched in 15+ years personally, so actually I'm not contributing to the "ReVeNuE" coffer, but thanks for your concern anyway.

        If government wanted to be fair dinkum, they would eliminate all fines for traffic offences, while simultaneously doubling the demerit points for all offences. This has the win-win of taking away any objection that the activity is "ReVeNuE rAiSiNg" while getting bad drivers off the road more quickly.

        But will all know that the revenue raising driver re-education system that is currently operating is far too lucrative achieving optimal outcomes in terms of road accidents for governments to vary their course.

        • The point here is that "bad drivers" don't give a (fropanity) about points or their license for that matter. People need to be hit where it hurts the most, as taking some imaginary points off or adding them onto some database doesn't help. Start taking money and assets off people, and see how much faster they come to a conclusion. You take money off people for their stupidity, and they tend to remember it (and get all butt hurt with cries of "ReVeNuE rAiSiNg!!1!!!1!")

          I would like to see an impound system. If you are caught doing the wrong thing over a certain point, car is seized or imobilised for a period of time. If that person then drives someone else's car, even if they are driving correctly, that car is then also impounded/imobilised. You would find that people would not lend their car to anyone who already has a history of having their cars impounded and being without a car for a few days, weeks or a month would be a much better way to make people think twice.

          What would also help, is a sliding scale like used in other countries, where the fine is worked out as a percentage of your assets and wealth. Why is it, that some single parent working two jobs just to survive has to pay the same as some wealthy arsehole that makes more a day than what most people make in a year?

          So, no, taking money off people for their own stupidity is fine (excuse the pun). The government makes it optional by saying "here are a set of rules, if you can live within these, you don't have to pay the stupidity tax." Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

          • @pegaxs: The problem you have with "bad drivers" that don't give a monkey's about their points/licence is that there is a high correlation between them and those they have no money/refuse to pay the fines anyway. These recidivists are simply a menace that can only be dealt with via vehicle impounding and/or hard time.

            As soon as you go down the road of wanting to make the value of fines a function of income, you are declaring yourself as another who simply wants to "soak the rich" under some perverted interpretation of equality.

            Fines are (while I don't agree with them as noted above) designed to reflect the potential outcome of the behaviour … should a "single parent working two jobs just to survive has to pay the same as some wealthy arsehole" (who has quite possibly provided the capital and entrepreneurism, and accepted the risk to create the jobs for the single parent to take) be given a more lenient penalty for killing three kids making their way to school?

            Seems like you're well placed to write the road rules section in the much needed update of the Communist Manifesto.

            • @Seraphin7: Yeah, as soon as I read that “communist manifesto’” line, I lost interest. What next? Going to make Hitler references when you don’t get your way?

              Point is, having a points only system for punishing drivers would not work, and your basis being “ReVeNuE rAiSiNg” is seriously flawed.

              • @pegaxs:

                Yeah, as soon as I read that “communist manifesto’” line, I lost interest.

                That's OK. That was actually the last phrase of the post. I'm glad you read to the end. Thanks for participating.

      Drive in right lane on road with speed limit over 80 km/h: $344, 2 demerits

      In NSW, its a $344 fine and 2 points… yet arseholes still do it and still complain about it being "ReVeNuE rAiSiNg!!"

      • Actually, the ones that keep doing it always start by, "I was at the speed limit and no one should be overtaking me because they would be speeding. I'm protecting others."

        • "I couldn't get into the left lane because the guy in that lane was road raging by doing the same speed as me on that section of road…"

  • damn idk why I thought this thread would help me get out of fines.. on my way then! HAHA