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If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill. —Rumi

Things are not all they seem. This is a book about how depression can have benefits as well as costs, and how to reap those benefits.

New chapters include:

Returning to the world
The philosophy of happiness
The magic of music, and
The 7 types of love.
Now also contains a recipe for chicken soup.

A comprehensive, sympathetic, and thought-provoking guide for those who want to explore their depression in more depth. —The British Journal of Psychiatry

This book brings understanding and encourages independent solutions. It is remarkable in its shortness and practicality. —The British Medical Association Book Awards

★★★★★ I have read most of Dr. Neel Burton's books and have enjoyed them immensely … All in all, I found this to be a very insightful and engaging book on depression. —Jamie Bee, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer

About the author
Dr Neel Burton is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and wine-lover who lives and teaches in Oxford, England. He is a Fellow of Green-Templeton College in the University of Oxford, and the recipient of the Society of Authors’ Richard Asher Prize, the British Medical Association’s Young Authors’ Award, the Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Award, and a Best in the World Gourmand Award. His work has featured in the likes of Aeon, The Spectator, and The Times, and been translated into several languages.
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  • "Now also contains a recipe for chicken soup". - SOLD.

  • Best solution for dealing with my depression was getting meds from a psychiatrist. Wish I had done it years earlier. Wasted time reading self help books.

    • Do you have any side effects to medication?

    • The placebo effect can be powerful.
      But I agree reading self-help books without changing anything won't achieve much.

      I would argue that meditation and mindfulness would be better strategies although it's not for everybody.

      • I think that is a kind of arrogance and small mindedness. If that works for you - awesome - you're not too badly damaged, lucky you. Be thankful for your own relative mental health and try to be mindful that not everyone has the same luxury as you. Some people are badly damaged, through no fault of their own - we can understand that with our physical bodies, and yet some don't understand the same can happen with our mental side. You need to be in some sort of reasonable ability to start anything or even understand that something needs to be started! Just like an injury that leaves a limp or comes back in later life to cause arthritis, our minds are similar. Some people live with chronic mental injuries, or acute, and varying degrees. Read some of the other comments here and try to keep an open mind.

      • Placebo would work only if it's not real depression. Curing medical depression with placebo or meditation has the same effect as curing a broken bone with placebo or meditation

        • Not true. Placebo effect is really strong with psychiatric illnesses (bar schizophrenia) and with chronic pain conditions. A researcher looked at all of the trials of anti-depressants and found that people on placebo improved substantially (antidepressants were only 10% better than placebo), and that anti-depressants were no better than negative placebos (a negative placebo is a drug that has side effects but isn't regarding as having antidepressant properties eg sedating antihistamine).

          Most people are really dumb. You can trick them into getting better simply by prescribing them something and telling them it is a happy pill that will solve all of their problems). The smart and cynical minority are a real problem for psychiatrists since you cannot fix them with fake placebos.

      • Some self help books teach you how to do CBT yourself, and CBT is now like the reigning therapy method if you care about evidence based psychology.

    • Worth highlighting this comment.

      The most effective management for major depressive disorders are the psychotherapies and psychopharmaceuticals considered and implemented by registered mental health professionals.

      Due to the risks of mental anguish, self harm, and mortality, please be careful not to encourage the supercession of alternative therapies that do not have the same body of evidence-base research to support it's current practice.

      That said. Alternative therapies, and self-help, can have their place. More commonly the masses suffer from more generalised depressive symptoms, or often neuroses (disportionate difficulties with living), that can be helped with modalities that encourage self-reflection and analysis.

    • The difference here is this ebook is written by a Psychiatrist, reviewed positively by The British Journal of Psychiatry & The British Medical Association Book Awards.

      Meds have their place, along with understanding the condition. That includes seeing it from a different perspective - even as a possible benefit.

    • I've been on Mirtazapine for several years now, literally could not function normally without it.

      Suffered from undiagnosed depression and social anxiety disorder for many, many years and it was hell.

      These days I do try mindfulness and often listen to sleep hypnosis videos, and along with exercise it does help.

      But there are days…..let's just say depression mixed with anxiety is a total bitch at times.

      • I've heard with Mirtazpine that low doeses (15mg) or below it has a sedating effect that is helpful for sleep. Higher doses have a more uplifting effect that can help with depression and overall mood. What dosage are you on?

        • Don't play ozB doctor. Interfreak might already have the best balance of meds/side effects for themselves. If you take enough meds to shield yourself from depression completely I'd argue that you're overmedicated. Everybody needs to struggle

        • Sorry, might have mistaken what you were asking as you trying to give medical advice. Disregard

        • 45mg, and it does have a sedative affect. I usually take it around 9pm at night.

    • Medication is effective in about two thirds of cases.

      Interestingly one third of the two thirds is placebo effect which is still just as effective.

    • Boo to this comment. I have tried every medication class and every treatment including electroconvulsive therapy and I can say without hesitation that the classic medical model of depression if a painfully oversimplified load of BS that revolves around trial and error with pharmeceuticals more than it does anything resembling science or understanding. It hasn't just let down myself but many people that I have known and some that I have lost.

      If you have a psychiatrist that isn't constantly informing themselves about the latest research in mood disorders across a range of fields then your doctor is basically a glorified pharmacist.

      Good psychiatrists are hard to come by because they often have the worst business models; they put a huge amount of effort into making themselves obselete.

      • Sorry to hear that. As far as I know though the efficacy of medications is based on double-blind trials and statistical effect size. It's the best there is at the moment.

      • Psychopharmacologists pretend to understand the brain and it's maladies but really they are working in the dark. An example is the silly notion that serotonin makes you happy. If you take 10 pills of an SSRI you won't get high; all that will happy is that you throw up (serotonin receptors in the gut connect to the area postrema in the brainstem, a nuclei whose role is to cause emesis).

        Mrdavedave, one treatment you may not have tried is low dose ketamine administered every few weeks. However, getting someone to treat you with it would be an uphill battle. Ketamine is completely different form traditional psych medication since it is a dissociation anaesthetic and blocks NMDA glutamate receptors.

    • same with me, all the positive thinking rituals and philosophy only ever helped for a short time but actually seeking help in itself helped and then being given more firm options

  • I am depressed when I pay full price.

    • When you really suffer of depression you don't even think of reading it. It's not a joke

      • I didn't realise i got 5 negs lol. It was just a joke. But seriously don't think this book 100% cures depression you gonna need more than a book

  • Life isn't fair and bad things happen to good people, there is always some degree of suffering. Knowing this we need to find things that make it worthwhile, this gives meaning to life.
    I wish I had Jordan Petersons teachings when I was like 20, would have helped tremendously in prepping my mind for life.
    I probably have more anxiety than depression but yeah, sometimes things spiral.

    • Knowing this we need to find things that make it worthwhile, this gives meaning to life.

      Easy to say stuff like this when you're high as a kite on opiates like Peterson was.
      Funny how a guy who supposedly had everything figured out got addicted to anti-anxiety medication.

      • I'd say it's impressive he can have such an impact on the world given the horrible mental and physical illnesses and setbacks he's had.

      • He surely says some good things but it's easy to criticize others about various things when you're dripping with entitlement. I'm pretty certain he'd have plenty more to say about drugs if he wasn't as close to them.

      • Interesting.
        Except not really.
        High as a kite or not wouldn't change the usefulness of his teachings.

      • Funny how a guy who supposedly had everything figured out got addicted to anti-anxiety medication.

        Doesn't that say more about the medication he's taking?

    • Jordan Peterson? You mean the massive hypocrite who couldn't face his own problems so he took the "easy" route by being put in a medically indused coma (something doctors only do in extreme circumstances and would never recommend for someone in his sitatuon), and as a result of that faced extreme health problems? That Jordan Peterson?

      I don't know how people can take that man seriously, and that's even when you ignore some of his more extreme views.

      • Can you be specific about these views.

        Otherwise it just sounds like you're bashing him for no reason.

        Genuinely curious.

  • you can grow from depression? unlimited power!

  • but can it help me improve my crop yield?!

  • I'm depressed and I've grown a few pants sizes lately. No books required.

    • Don't let the weight go or it's an uphill battle times 2. Exercise every day even if it's just a light jog. Get your heart rate up. Keep a routine! Wake up early.

  • It seems crazy to not be depressed given how bleak the future is predicted to be and how morally bankrupt our society is.

    • That should make you angry not depressed.

    • I'm not depressed. I'm not crazy either, so you can believe in people being happy and sane simultaneously.

      I'm so excited about the future.

      I get to continue my work. Earn more. Spend more time with my family. Develop my relationship with my girlfriend further. Buy another house. Seek out new job opportunities. Take on new investments. Spend time and money on new adventures (that I should have started earlier).

      COVID has been useful at forcing me to change my outlook. It's threat has made me adapt to protect and improve my situation. It's accompanying civil restrictions have given me a deeper appreciation of the opportunities we have.

      I've never felt more positive.

      Chin up, fellow OzBargainer, and carry on.

      • Glad to hear that things are going well for you but the "chin up strategy" doesn't work with clinical depression. I wonder how many people who *are insane say they're not crazy? 😶

    • You're right. You should give up and stop trying to make a difference. Nobody on this site would blame you, we would completely understand and accept your reasons for not continuing to draw attention to the deficiencies of our major political parties and the perils of privatized power in every single post no matter how off-topic it is.