Four Camera Security System under $1000 Recommendations

Hey Guys and Girls

I am after a security camera system that has four cameras and has an app on your phone to watch live and be able to be saved to my PC. I have no experience with this tech and looking for something under $1000 if possible.

Let me know what you have and if you recommend it.



    Plenty of options. This one serms to be a fan fav on Ozb. Has been below your budget. Have a squizz at them.

  • Unless you are staying in a rental or need to convenience of wifi, I'd recommend a proper hardwired PoE setup. Lower maintenance, higher reliability.

    • I totally agree with highon2str. My experience with eufy security cameras has not been positive and I suspect all battery powered, wire-free systems have the same problems. If security is important to you, hardwired is the best solution. Eufy cameras are more likely to be triggered and record events that aren't important and miss that one event when your premises are breached. Retired insurance investigator here with 30+ years of experience.

    • I would totally go with a PoE system like highon2str suggested.

      I have the Arlo Ultras and it does do the job, but a hard-wired, always-on system would be way better.

  • I just finished installing camera #4 and #5 today from this deal
    So far so good. At first I thought 4 cameras would be enough but I think I'm going to find a spot for all 8, or perhaps 7 with one for a spare. For an average house, don't think 4 is enough.

    Oops almost forgot, yes it has an app and you can view any camera over the internet.