PS5 Pre-Orders Will Reopen Soon

Hi all don't buy from scalpers on eBay or Gumtree and pay crazy prices. PlayStation has apologised and confirmed on twitter more Pre-order will be opening soon. With more available on Launch day and before end of the year. Retailers will confirm soon. My bet is in Sony Online,JB,Big W,Target and Amazon keep a eyes on them. As Ebgames already exhausted their stock levels till 2021 Though it might help anyone like me who is looking forward to purchase one.


  • this and the graphics cards remind me of the toilet paper troubles earlier this year

  • Quick, post it as a deal…

  • Nobody should ever buy anything from scalpers ever.

  • Sony never said that more will be available on launch day… but through out the end of the year. Here is the tweet:

    PlayStation @PlayStation

    Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologize for that.

    Over the next few days, we will release more PS5 consoles for preorder – retailers will share more details.

    And more PS5s will be available through the end of the year.

  • The confirmation you are referring to was from Sony USA and has nothing to do with Australia.
    Australia is managed by Sony Europe

    it is unlikely Australia will get any more stock and if we do it will go to thsoe who have already pre ordered.
    You will not be able to get stock in your hands before 2021 in Aus at this stage.

    EB Games, JB Hifi etc have pre sold so many they would have plenty of orders to cover before putting them on the shelves.
    AND no customer is going to be ok with having a 2021 pre order and then finding out stock is on the shelves on launch day.

    if they do re-open pre orders in Aus.. you are looking at early 2021 for stock 100%

    • Agreed.
      There will likely be some cancellations where people orders from different retailers, i.e. I ordered from EB however after the Amazon deal came out also ordered there. I'll likely cancel the EB one when able to.

  • Keep your hopes high buddy. You ain’t getting one for retail this year if you missed out. Rich mumma will buy their kids no matter what.

  • not much of an apology for an arrogant launch

    • And it was only an apology directed at US customers not us.. we are yet to get one.

      • What do they have to apologise for? They said pre-orders would commence next day after showcase event but retailers jumped the gun with EBGames releasing them 2 hours after the showcase instead of waiting…

        Same for Gamestop Ireland and Walmart USA which kicked off every other retailer globally jumping on the bandwagon.

        The retail release situation was an absolute mess and should have been done better but it's not clear who's fault that is entirely.

        I don't think we're owed any direct apology though.

        • So actually this is not correct.

          Aus Pre Orders were always going to be "from" 8am but not every retailer did it and Sony did not communicate it.

          The US was told directly by Sony it would be "tomorrow" and retailers jumped the gun

          What sony should of done is at end of the presentation announced the dates AND the times for pre orders

          Friend of mine works at JB head office and they have known they could do pre orders at 8am for over a month

          • @jimbobaus: The showcase and media releases are global, not just US. They clearly said pre-orders would start day after the showcase while mentioning Australia specifically as a key market for 12th Nov release.

            Pre-orders will be available starting as early as tomorrow at select retailers, so please check with your local retailer.


            That's for all regions mentioned in the post, not just US.

            Maybe there is some internal miscommunication between Sony and retailers we don't know about or retailers decided to do their own thing.

            • @Hybroid: Agreed its global, but the tweets and posts that specifially relate to Aus always come from the Europe offices of Sony.
              Tweets etc being linked are from Sony US and therefore are US specific. (such as the one OP is using to claim more stock coming)

              Yeah clearly a miscommunication has occurred, cause yeah JB knew 8am was always gonna be the case at least a month in advance. my friend said there was some concern when Sony did not confirm to Aus customers the pre order start time

              in some ways it was a good thing, it allowed pre orders to occur without mass site crashing like seen in the US

  • Anyone got anything out of JB HIFI on when people will know if they got a launch preorder or not? Or when they send the messages out about finishing the payment?
    I regret preordering from there because of the "Due to stock demand your pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release" BS which i didn't see until later because I had to sneaky preorder at while at work.
    I got email from JB about preorders being open at 9.11 and preorder at 9:30. Got confirmation email at 9.36. Confident that I got in fast enough but the doubt and their silence is frustrating.

  • Tip: Keep having a peek every now and then at some of these retailer websites. Randomly checked big w again this afternoon and it had pre order back up. By the time i went to pay, it was unavailable. Someone got it. Refreshed for 5-10min and another pre order popped up which I successfully checked out. It felt like they were adding stock back on their website as they were cancelling orders. This is also launch day stock. Good luck

  • I miss midnight launches for games/consoles.

    I do think that walk in customers on PS5 launch day would miss out.

    Willing to wait this one out (at least 2 years) until the PS5 has a bigger gaming catalogue (and I clear some of my current gaming backlog).

    • I know for a fact JB will have 0 stock on launch day for walk ins (best mate works at their HO)
      my local EB told me they were told the same thing.

  • Sad. Missed out on pre orders. At this rate would willing to pay $200 over msrp just to get ps5 for the holiday