Help with restoring my lawn

Hi guys,

Any tips on how am I able to restore my buffalo lawn. Spring has started and I am unable to control weeds in my lawn. A lot of dead patches and lot of weed, any selective weed killer is not helping either.
Any help will be appreciated.


  • aerate the ground, apply a good lawn feed and lots of water.

  • Lawns needs air water and sun, and human effort

    Rake out the dead grass.
    Aerate the ground with a garden fork, you will have to stand on the fork to get depth
    Dig/pull out the larger weeds by hand
    Spread Top dressing all over the lawn
    Water the grass regularly using a sprinkler, making sure it covers the whole area. Best done in the evening.

    Apply lawn feed every six weeks, keep it watered, mow regularly.

  • Not sure if it's just me but can't load the image so can't see your situation but I've used weed and feed (for buffalo) from bunnings with good results. May be worth a try

    Otherwise regular water and mow will be helpful and aerate as above mentioned

  • I would suggest looking for a weed and feed thats suitable for Buffalo. My personal favourite is Yates 'Weed and Feed' about $20 from Bunnings, however I know it is not appropriate for Buffalo. I assume there is a specific product for your lawn type.

  • No amount of lawn feed and aeration is going to fix your problem. Water may, but you will need a swimming pool amount.

    You have beetle larvae eating the roots hence why the dead areas are patchy.

    To confirm, dig around the edges of the dead patch. You should see white grubs which will be anywhere from 2-10cm deep. Plenty of chemical remedies as it is a common problem.

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