Anyone Have Advice on Posting Small Parcel or Letter to Vietnam


Question:- Anyone have advice on best way to send small parcel/Letter to Vietnam and any things to be cautious of?

Speed:- Would expect around 2 weeks max, and its is Ozbargain so want to keep reputation.💸

Why! -

Have a relative stuck in Vietnam for the moment.🏖

Has had Aussie debit card eaten by ATM. 💳🏦 (thats been cancelled and replacement being arranged we hope)

Have another bank account with card, but thats here in Oz. It was a new issue, as old card which they have in Vietnam, on this other bank has now expired.

Given it may still be months before they can get flights out,✈️ we wanted to send this other bank's card to Vietnam.

Security wise it will have no balance and needs to be activated, which the relo can do after they safely get the card.

Not ideal but its "unprecedented" times.


  • Sorry, this doesn't answer your question… But is it an option to activate the card for them, then get them to add their card to their mobile payment app (google pay/Apple pay/Samsung pay etc)? Altho I don't know what capabilities stores have in vn when it comes to tap and go

    Secondly some larger banks can have your card sent to an international bank so you can pick it up locally whilst overseas (ie another partnering bank in vn) which might be faster. Referring to the original card that was lost.

    Otherwise, I assume there are options for the transit times you're looking for on Australia post website.

    • Thanks but no there is no way to take cash out via phone apps. They do have a credit card, but the debit card is for cash.

      Obviously they can take cash advance etc, but given they maybe stuck for a few months then the debit card solution is better.

      As for transit times, I was hoping someone might have experience in what to expect. Auspots like others gives only what they want you to believe.

  • Yeah, don't do it through Aus post. Wife sent a small package to her parents and it was around 1kg, it was $75. The postage was about 3x the cost of the contents.

    • Well cost wise given the weight we are dealing with <250g Auspost/VietPost is the most economical in this case, but not if its unreliable, and thats one of the things only those who have experience with post will know.

      BTW posting parcels as an individual even locally can be uneconomic, but in this case its an essential item.

      Has your wife had letter/small parcel experiences she can share?

      • I'll check with her when she gets home (not from VN, but from shopping :P). We sent some documents for the SIL's visa application late last year before all the Covid shit went down, So I'll see if I can pull up the details from that.

  • Why don't you try Western Union? They can send the money directly from their debit card.

    They just need to rock up to a Western Union branch and take the cash out (probably in VND). Western Union does charge a small sender fees (like less than $10).

    They will need to have their IDs to collect the money. Western Union branches are everywhere in VN.

    If you are worried, try sending a small amount first to see if it works.

    That is how i send money to my family in VN on a regular basis. They have the bank account direct deposit too, but I assume your relative doesn't have a local bank account.

  • In Victoria there are many Vietnamese shops where you can get stuff sent within a week. Try to look for a Vietnamese owned warehouse shop, Western union or money exchanger in your Sydney area. I've been using these service, fast and safe.

    • I look into this, it might be an option, although cost wise since I am far from the vietnamese centre of Sydney, it might not stack up for a one off.

      However I appreciate the Ozbargain thinking being applied.

  • Don’t use Auspost.
    Few years ago I had to send my Vietnamese ID to my parents so they can do some paperwork for me overthere. I was charged an unbelievable amount of $50 for that, but guess what, the ID got lost in the way and no one had any idea where it was. They didn’t even have anyone to blaim on. No refund was offered either.
    If it’s very necessary then use DHL. Expensive but most importantly items get delivered

  • If you want it fast, yeah go with DH, Fedex.

  • If you are going to send the Physical Card, let the Bank send it to you first in Australia.

    Don't give the Bank the Card Holders address in Vietnam.

    Next, Photograph both sides of the Card(s) received.

    Then, put the Card(s) into an Envelope with thin Cardboard on each side of so
    it isn't obvious there is a Card/s in the Envelope, so it won't be folded, bent, damaged, dropped or mangled (by
    AusPost or whoever).

    Have the party on the Card notify their Bank that they will be in Vietnam (or wherever) after they receive it but
    prior to making new Transactions.

    This will prevent the Bank from flagging Transactions against a newly re-issued Card posted to NSW, but being used Overseas.

    Bonus Tip:
    Get two Cards with the same PIN now so that if you lose one or it gets damaged, lost or eaten by an ATM in Vietnam you have a Back-up plan. Activate both of them, but keep one separate for Emergencies.

    • I like the bonus tip. Probably a little late for this trip, but definitely a good strategy for when travelling.

      In the past we used something similar to this . Wife had Citibank Plus and I did as well and we had cards on each others account. But nothing stopping having an extra or two in kids name since ATM's dont check who is using card.

      As for two with my name, thats a new one, is that possible?

  • I would use DHL or any other major courier. The reason being is that you need the best service to get it there securely and fast. Should only be a couple of days. I sent a passport to Malaysia and got there in four days. You can also find the company's regional office in vietnam to help tracking etc. If it's a letter eg, small envelope with cardboard, then it may even be less than $40.

  • An update for those who might be interested.

    I chose Interparcel, who shipped this via UPS.

    It was picked up on Tuesday, and arrived in Vietnam today (A week later). The cost was $A33, 500g "parcel" called UPS Express Saver. Door to Door. Using Holdenmgs suggestion of packing in cardboard cutout.

    Declared the cards on the customs declaration and no issue on receipt.

    Only "issue" was the pickup window wasnt better defined than sometime on tuesday - not am/pm etc