Any Recommendations for Digital Identity Protection or Monitoring software?

Any recommendations for digital identity protection or monitoring software? Thanks in advance.


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    Common Sense

  • What threat are you trying to avoid?
    Many are poor solutions or worse than the risk as they involve credit data companies.

    • Thanks for your response.
      Mainly to trace if my digital identity details have been stolen and leaked online.

        Is a free and trustworthy site to see if any of your accounts have been subject to a leak. This site is the source that paid solutions use to provide the same information (and it happens to be run by an Aussie).

        It is pretty routine to have several alerts, because there have been so many leaks, but the most important message is to change passwords and use different passwords on different sites.
        Two factor authentication for key accounts would be a good idea too.

  • Your question is very vague. It could be protecting against imposter on social media, preventing fraudulent use of your financial asset, stealing your identity to make fraudulent financial applicationsor heck even stopping big corp to harvest your digital data for commercial use. As such the tools will vary according to each circumstance. Mskeggs's suggestion is a good one, another (not so free) one would be subscribing to major credit agencies like equifax, d&b and they will alert you whenever there's a credit application lodged under your name.

  • Have you done something or suspect something had happened or tin foil prepping?

    Otherwise don’t click on any suspicious (yet looks “legit”) links or answer random calls (claiming to be from the bank, tax office, DHL, hospital, Uncle/Auntie, etc etc - you get the point?) seeking to phish you details.

  • Password manager so that you don't re-use password. I use bitwarden - open source and has integration with

    MFA whenever possible. I use authy for TOTP across devices and yubikey for my Gmail account. for resolver DNS.

    Firefox with adblocker.