Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Red or Blue (SM-R175) $188.99 Delivered @ AZ eShop via Amazon AU


Hey guys

Been looking at wireless headphones for a while and the fact that they are the cheapest i've seen and directly through amazon AU with free prime delivery/good reliable hassle free local warranty has me buying!

Case has wireless(Qi) charging or charge vis USB-C
11 hour battery on single charge 22 with recharge using case
Built in microphones
IOS/android compatible

Note: Other retailers e.g Toby's deals/Kogan/Amazon US have cheaper deals depending on the colour however the deal for red is the cheapest across the board

Link for blue colour:

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  • I have owned many sets of buds (Sennheiser momentum 2, Jabra 65 and 75, jaybird vista, Bose sound sport) and these are fantastic and my go to set. Can happily recommend and for this price with local warranty this is a good deal.

    • Thoughts on using these for the gym? Only IPX2 rating so not sure they'll handle all the sweating.

      Also, is the 75T worth the extra money over these in your opinion?

      • I own both, 75ts sound slightly better in the bass, but mine stopped charging within 2 months. Samsungs still going strong after 12 months with no issues, including working out, commuting and casual listening. YMMV, but thats my experience.

        • I would and I do use these over 75t. IPX2 is ample unless you go swimming with them. In saying that, the 75t are fantastic and I have no question you would be happy with them.

          • @MrFizz: Thanks! Any reason you use these over the 75Ts? Usually cost is the main deciding factor but you have both.

            • @boomersgold: Fit and comfort for me, I believe the sound is comparable, they just feel so small and light. Functionality is spot on.
              Again, in saying this, the 75t are awesome and anyone would be stoked with them. Also, I'm sure many will prefer them over the Samsung and I think that is totally reasonable.

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  • Sold by ae shop? Not direct Amazon?

    • Indeed! However its fulfilled by amazon so you get:

      1) Stored, Packed & Shipped by Amazon!
      2) Eligible for FREE Delivery
      3) 24/7 Amazon post-order customer service
      4) Amazon handles customer returns

      Also thankyou to the mod who clarified this in the title

  • Easy to recommend.

  • OP mentions a better price at Amazon US. Where? Will it easily ship to Australia (and for free?)

    I have a gift card on my Amazon US account. Wish I could transfer to my Australian account to use sometimes!

  • Any deal on black?

    • Toby Deals is $145. I got a pair from them without issue. Regret black though because I keep losing it and you can't search for the buds from the app unless the case is open.

  • Is this the same model of red on Kogan's site for $167.99?

    I'm getting confused because Kogan seems to have multiple versions and I can't see any difference in the titles. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

  • Just a heads up, I purchased these and immediately experienced an intermittent but very annoying issue where the audio panned erratically left/right for a few seconds or minutes at a time. Happened on multiple devices and with multiple apps, and resetting them didn't fix the issue. It doesn't seem to be a widely reported problem but it's not just me apparently, see e.g.