First Home Buyer Looking for Reputable Companies for Quotes in Ipswich/Somerset Region Qld

Hi all, long time lurker; first time poster.

I'm building a new home in the Somerset Region (Qld) in the beginning of 2021, and I need to do up a budget for our mortgage broker.

Therefore, I'm after recommendations for reputable companies to do quotes on the following:

  1. Exposed aggregate for driveway, porch, outdoor entertainment area + swimming pool yard. Builder is wanting to charge $150m2, but they hinted that that's top price

  2. Fencing in treated pine as per our covenant (approx 165 mtrs)

  3. Fibreglass swimming pool + installation

  4. Fly screens + screens for sliding doors (whole house)

  5. Blinds for entire house

I've spent days doing Google searches, however I'm going around in circles (no one seems to put basic pricing online so I can even over estimate my price)

I'd also prefer to pay someone that has a reputation for good customer service, as I'm a nurse in a Brisbane trauma hospital; so my time is very limited.

I appreciate any input you can provide.


  • Exposed agg driveway etc allow between 80 to 100 per SQM. However given your location I would budget for $100 per SQM.

    Fencing around $50 per lineal meter.

    Fibreglass swimming pool… Depending on size and extent of works! Minimum allowance of $30,000. Allow between 30 to 40 thousand.

    Flyscreens only or some crimsafe? Size of house? How many windows and doors? Standard size home allowance is between $6,000 to $8,000.

    Blinds… How many windows? What type? Vertical or venetian? Allow around $250 per window.

  • Thank you! I truly appreciate your feedback!

    Based on your information regarding aggregate I could potentially save between $8200-$11480, so it is definitely worth me pestering others for a quote.

    I'd allowed $10,000 for the fencing, and your estimated price works out only $1500 less so I must be on the right track.

    Windows are
    1500 X 1800(2)
    1800 X 0600(1)
    400 X 1810(1)- no screen required
    2080 X 1810(1)
    400 X 2650(1)- no screen required
    2080 X 2170(1)

    Stacker door
    2400 X 3600(1)

    Sliding doors
    2100 X 1470(1)
    2100 X 1800(1)

    If there's not much difference in price between the normal flyscreens and crimsafe, we might as well do that straight away. Do you have any idea on pricing difference overall?

    Your blind estimate falls within my current budget.

    Once again thank you so much for your input.

    • Of the estimates Logical has listed, Blinds are correct, Fencing is not correct. I don't know about the other 3.

      A good estimate for fencing is $100 per linear metre. You cannot get fencing for $50, if you can, it would be awful and fall apart in a few years. $100 pm is a pretty standard rate.

      • Sorry buddy, this is a timber pailing fence and 165m of it too. Good economies of scale can be achieved.

        Are you a fence builder?

    • There is a huge difference in price between flyscreens and crimsafe. It's like comparing $6,500 to $28,000…..

  • My apologies, I forgot to mention that were planning to do blackout roller blinds.

  • One of the reasons I prefer to DIY. Getting quotes is very difficult unless you know someone. Quotes are rubbery because the tradie may not want the job and will price up accordingly.

    Maybe try a home renovation forum.