Search Event Notification Emails but for Specific Node Types

So because I missed the recent "$2 for buying Woolies egift card" deal yet again, I decided to create an email notification for it.

What I did was:

Upon checking my alerts I saw it created successfully.

What I got in my inbox over the next day or two was people on forums selling or asking for places to get gift cards. This is not what I wanted.

Is there any way to restrict the types of emails that come through via alerts?

Another improvement that would be appreciated is being able to filter out keywords from a deal notification.

For example, I sign up for alerts with "Nintendo Switch" for physical games but don't want any emails containing the word "eshop"


  • I can't believe I got a notification for this for my Nintendo eShop card alert.

  • I signed up for an alert for a Nintendo Switch console deal…

    I support this petition.

  • Instead of using the drop-down to select node type, you need to use filter keywords, i.e.

    search gift card type:ozbdeal

    and then create a search alert with that.

    • Thanks I'll give that a shot!

    • Seems to do the trick, thanks Scotty!

      In regards to my other query, do you think this alert "nintendo switch type:ozbdeal -lite -eshop" will filter out the Nintendo Switch Lite and eShop results?

      I tried it here and it seems to filter them out but this one still shows up for some reason

      • The original deal used "E-Shop" which wasn't excluded keyword. It was only changed to eShop earlier today by the moderator.

  • Nah, you can’t outsource time limit deals to some software. You gotta be always be looking like a hawk! It’s like musical chairs 🪑 and the days of boxing day sales. Blink and you’ll miss an important deal.