Domaine Bellegarde La Pierre Blanche Jurancon Sec 2011 $22.90 Per Pack of 6 + Shipping @ Dan Murphy's


50% Petit Manseng, 30% Gros Manseng, 20% Camaralet

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  • From the only review(Domaine Bellegarde La Pierre Blanche Jurancon Sec 2011):

    I'm a huge fan of this wine and bought over 2 dozen bottles. However, from this batch (the 2011's) everyone of them that I've opened (about 8 or 9) have suffered from premox (premature oxydisation). The wine should last a lot longer than 9 years, so something has gone horribly wrong with this vintage - I suspect a problem with the supplier as the price is a fraction the normal price. Some are just on the right side and are delicious, and some just the other side of flawed (ie, barely drinkable). Probably not worth the risk and should come with a warning to the buyer.

  • yeah heck at this price i'll give it a whirl! thanks OP and thanks Simbooo for above too (to moderate my expectations)

  • Dan's/Woolworths have a great returns policy. Just don't leave it too long before drinking.

  • It's changed to $22.90 per bottle now, so I guess it was a price/listing error.

  • Hi There, thank you for your recent Dan Murphy's purchase of the La Pierre Blanche Jurancon Sec 2011. Unfortunately a pricing error occurred in the publishing indicating the Incorrect price for this product. As a result we are unable to provide this product at this amount. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. The order has been cancelled and the amount will be returned to your account of payment. Please allow up to 2 - 4 days for this return. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us via