Options on Woodfire Pizza Oven - Aldi vs Bunnings, others?

Hello brains trust,

With Aldi releasing their woodfired pizza oven on the next weekend @ $179, I am thinking if this would be a good option for the eventual pizza outdoors.

I can see that Bunnings have adjusted theirs to match (arguably beat)

I am not keen on spending hundreds on a pizza oven that I would use just from time to time, but I would like to hve the option to cook pizzas outdoor.

Are these any good? - Please do not just answer you get what you pay for, please add some content to your answer, as I have not seen these ovens.

Which of the two is the better option?

Any recommendation on alternatives?


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  • Which of the two is the better option?

    Well Aldi stock will be limited, so Bunnings will be the 'better' of the two as you'll be able to get stock!

  • Both have major limitations for pizza - the firebox is underneath the pizza which means you will have problems getting the top cooked before the bottom burns. The body of the oven is likely to be uninsulated and therefore heat retention will be hopeless. I also know that the units are prone to corrosion with long term exposure to the elements.

    If it’s proper pizza you want the cheapest and best options are the ooni and similar models, for eg:
    ( https://www.ebay.com.au/i/183898116270?chn=ps&norover=1&mkev...)

  • That Bunnings item is gone now.

  • I'm pretty interested in this too, am planning to get one from Aldi this Saturday. Been trying to up my pizza game to the next level, only limitation left has been my max. 270°C oven.

    • I am able to have pretty good pizzas on my kitchen oven. I use a well seassoned pizza stone and oven at 250 ish C. For me now is how do I take it outside for entretaining….

    • @redpump Check out the MasterPro Ultimate Pizza Oven…