Garmin Forerunner 745, Bupa Deal Eligible?

Hi all,

Wondering if someone could tell me Garmin FR 745 is eligible for bupa 20% off or not? Im not with Bupa…

Also, does FR 745 have any updated sensor, like gps or heart rate, compare with FR 945? Should I buy 745 or 945?

I got an apple watch S6 last Friday. Took it for a run over the weekend, gps and heart rate accuracy are great, but sync music to apple watch is pain in the arse.

Thanks guys


  • Yes, the Garmin FR 745 is eligible for Bupa 20% discount. The RRP $849 is reduced to $679.20 at checkout. It does say though that it will be "Available 3rd Quarter 2020" so not sure when you'd actually get it.

    • awesome! thanks mate.

      guess i will sign up for Bupa and cancel it within cooling off period.

    • Was the 20% off RRP Only or can it be stacked with Garmins promotions (which Ever is running at the time)? Need to find someone with BUPA now.

      • I haven't tried, but I don't think so.

        Terms and Conditions
        Offer will be available to BUPA Health insurance members via the above link. 20% discount limited to selected Garmin products in the Garmin Australia Webstore with an “Add to Cart” button, excluding accessories, Vector products and pedal based power meters.. Discount of 20% will be off the RRP as listed on the Garmin Australia website. Limit 2 devices per customer. A $10 shipping and handling fee will apply to all orders under $100. Discount is subject to stock availability.

      • RRP only