Amazon Marketplace Warranty Claims?

I need a new pool blanket. I have one from OzPlaza on eBay, it came with 2 years warranty, started to disintegrate soon after the 2 years were over, was ok to be left on for winter, but now needs replacing, quite exactly 3 years after purchase.

Same item now sells with 5 years warranty, also OzPlaza on eBay. Warranty conditions are linked there and pretty good: they pay return postage or arrange courier. OzPlaza has been around quite a while, so I'm pretty sure I can claim on warranty if needed, even if it might be a bit of hassle.

That means: either they improved the product with better UV stabilisers, and it lasts for ~ 5 years, or they will have a warranty claim 2 1/2 years from now. I'd put the odds at 50/50 for either outcome. I can live with that.

Only downside: they charge for shipping to WA.

Same product, same price is on Amazon Marketplace, with free shipping to WA, and 6% cashback for the category. From a seller called Artiss Furnishings. Also 5 years warranty. But no specifics on how to claim, who pays postage, etc.

Google revealed that Artiss Furnishings is just another brand owned by New Aim Pty Ltd, the same company that sells on Ebay as OzPlaza.

Here's the question: has anyone successfully made warranty claims for Amazon Marketplace items after the Amazon a-z guarantee period ended (more than 90 days from delivery)?

Poll: What would you do?

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    buy on Amazon Marketplace
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    buy on eBay and pay 15% more

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  • Personally I would buy from an actual shop

  • I love Amazon Prime to bits but would never buy from third parties on there. The Marketplace is dreadful if you need any help or support and more often than not your queries are ignored, because they can, and Amazon themselves won't step in to help but tell you to sort it out with seller.

    eBay/Paypal won't help you after the buyer protection period either but would be more comfortable ordering there as you can track delivery and have recourse if there's an issue upon delivery.

    Artiss/Ozplaza and a host of other names are all the same company selling rebranded Chinese products for sale here. They've been around for a long while but anything can happen and trying to plan for 5 year warranty coverage for a pool cover isn't going to be worth the effort. Anything can happen by then.

    • you do realise most of amazon is 3rd party sellers that use amazon fba for their items. There is no difference. the only difference may be the shipping method to have your item shipped and might be a touch slower.

      If the sale is through amazon (excluding some customer service), the returns policy is pretty much the same if problems do occur.

      Amazon is excellent for their customer service so would no doubt help out if there was a problem.

      Their policies are so strict towards their sellers that you will likely always have a good experiance.

  • re read what I said. I was referring to your comment in general about not buying from 3rd party sellers in general.

    Amazon handle payments, they are still in control of 3rd party sellers. Policies are tight to sell on amazon (I no, as I sell on their).
    If there is a problem amazon will help.

    Even looking at ops prospective purchase, that company seems pretty legit with their amazon store and listings. There should be no problems in dealing with them in the future.

  • I just encountered a problem with a product I've had for over a year and bought via Amazon (distributed/processed by Amazon, not third party)

    I had a whole explanation ready to go for them, but they beat me to it. They offered replacement and/or refund. Item was $800.

    I said it was already installed and too big an issue to remove for either replacement or refund. They then offered me 25% refund on the item to have it repaired, which I accepted.

    I then asked if the issue reappears, then what - they said I'd then have to return it for replacement/refund.

  • Thanks everyone for your input.

    While the comments are quite diverse, the poll gave a clear picture that confirmed where I was leaning towards already.

    "Actual Shop": would have been nice, but when an item costs $104 delivered (after Cashback) and a comparable item costs ~$300 in a shop that's not really an option for me.