Microinvesting - Joint Account?

Hi all

Looking for feedback on microinvesting apps and what ones you prefer. I quite like the idea of commsecs pocket but would also like one too be opened in a joint account.

Is there other ones to look at?



  • Commsec pocket: you they charge you $2 for a trade up to $1k. Then 10x $1k trade is same as their normal commsec account linked to CBA account. If you are buying significantly less than $1k then you're seriously paying big fees.

    Spaceship, I don't believe they do joint accounts.

    Unless you really need to do joint accounts, if you trust the partner in the lowest bracket with all your money invest it under their name.

    I'd like to hear other people's opinions on micro investing apps. I find most of them are a bit opaque (what they are investing in) in investments and fees.