What Is a Good Budget Headphone with Apt Support and Bluetooth 5 under $100?

Hi fellow Ozbargainers,

I know I am addressing this to the right audience.

I was wondering what is a good set of budget headphones for less than $100 or $100 which support the following:
- AptX/ AptLL
- Bluetooth 5.0
- Active Noise Cancellation (though it might be asking too much at this price)

I cannot bear to spend over $200 for bluetooth headphones. I saw that there is a brand called Avantree which supports AptLL but with Bluetooth 4 and also Taotronics. I am tempted but wanted to hear your thoughts.


  • I cannot bear to spend over $200 for bluetooth headphones.

    Rethink this. If it's simply not within your budget than that's fair enough. But if you just can't see yourself spending that much then would suggest reconsider.

    Sony XM3 is well worth the money if you don't want to stretch for the XM4s. H900N is a good option too that can be had for cheaper. Bose have equivalent ones too as well as couple others.

    You really do get what you pay for and the fallacy of paying less for cheaper versions doesn't usually pay off.

  • Anker Q10

  • If you really want to stick to $100 budget, there are a few Taotronics headphones that are pretty decent via Amazon Aus. Got my Old man a pair of Taotronics TT-BH085 (AU) and he says they are good and enjoying using them. Currently $89.99 I believe if you do a search.

    The Sony XM3's are good, they are my daily go to headphones for at home use as well as daily commute. Sound is great, ANC is good, comfy and battery is good.