15 to 17 Inch Work Laptop Recommendation - Budget $2,500

A friend of mine is looking for recommendations for a laptop, he wants something with long battery life and good reliability.

The budget is up to $2,500. Main usage would be just basic word processing and web surfing/emails.

I've been looking at the Dell Latitude range on their website but they all either seem to be 14 inch, out of budget or using 8th gen Intel cpus.I also checked out Lenovo but not really seeing too much there either.

I don't know a whole lot about which brands are good so I was mainly going off this whirlpool forums post open to any and all recommendations. Thanks.


  • I use a latitude for work and it's great - however for those requirements it is total overkill. Something like what I've linked below would be more than enough for web browsing, word processing etc. Personally, anything around the $1000-$1500 would get you something that is more than adequate for your friend's requirements.


  • As Moolz has already said, it is overkill for just general web browsing, emails and basic office tasks. However, if he does have the cash to splash for up to $2500 then the Dell XPS 15 7590 is a good option. I would avoid the 4K screen version if battery is priority though.

    For future proofing purposes aim for 16gb RAM, BUT 8GB RAM is more than enough for the tasks that your friend is trying to do. Asus have released some decent Zenbooks lately and you can get ones with 15.6" screens. Their new 2020 line should be released soon in November I believe.

    • My only concern with the Dell is that it's using 9th gen intel and from what I understand they're releasing their 11th gen this year, and this is something that's expected to last 3-5 years.

      • Their 11th gen XPS 13 and the 2in1 has been announced for a release in a few weeks. The XPS15 is likely to follow suit. Meanwhile, the current XPS15 has a 10th gen which you can take a look

      • If that's is of concern maybe look at a few Ultrabooks that have a Ryzen 4000 series CPU. Their performance and value is much better than what Intel is offering.

        Lenovo have a few options with these AMD chips.

        Again for what your friend is doing, you don't need a powerhouse CPU performance for general office work and web browsing.

        • I understand they don't need a powerhouse CPU, but it feels weird to me buying older tech for the price of newer tech. Not sure if that makes sense. And also, I'd like to make sure they have something that's future proof.

  • Macbook Pro