Is Anyone Else Experiencing Delays in International Shipping?

So I bought a couple of random items and it seems like they are being shipped from China or Hong Kong. Usually, I get them within 2-3 weeks, but I haven’t got any updates for half a month now. Hence the question in the title.


    • That would've been a thirsty wait. Lol. They did well on the parcel though.

  • Bought some USB hubs in March, forgot all about them and then queried Gearbest in May on delivery. I got one the other week and still waiting on the second.

  • 3 weeks from the USA to Brisbane, currently sitting on 12 days and the package hasn't made it from the airport to my home 30 mins away! lol

    • Yes, I posted a parcel here in Perth… it took 4 days to get to the Airport… it should've been in Sydney by then.

  • LOL

  • Yes, ordered some gopro accessories from HK in July, didn't receive until 2 weeks ago.

  • At least quadruple the normal volume all carriers process.

    Many carriers and distribution centres forced to work at below capacity due to covid lockdowns.

    Would imagine that would equate to something like x4-x8 times slower than normal.

    HOWEVER, depends on how what kind of service your retailer has purchased. I get fedex stuff sent from Singapore to Australia in 2 days. Takes 2 weeks for QLD to VIC.

    Lot of the 'free shipping' is on snail mail.

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    Posted Shenzhen China in April, "handed to airline" 29th April then….no more tracking.

    Delivered yesterday ( Sydney region) so that's (probably) several months sitting in a mail crate mountain in Australia.

    5 months.

    • My experience too.

  • Ordered from Ireland 24/8. Parcel sat at Langley from 26/8, arrived into Sydney 6/9 and delivered by 10/9 after clearing customs.

    I knew the UK - AU leg would take up to 3 weeks at the moment though, and wasn't in a rush for the parcel. Didn't stop me checking everyday to see if it had moved…

  • Just received a letter from Canada this week. It was in transit for almost 12 weeks, usually it's 2-3,

  • Unusual for FedEx, when planned for delivery by DD/MM/YYYY has failed, tracking status updated to shipment is currently in transit Scheduled delivery:Pending - At local FedEx facility MATRAVILLE, NSW". The waiting game begins as there was no explanation for the delay and no estimate delivery date shown.

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    I've had a lot of batteries go missing and not get delivered at all. A recent one says "delivered" in the tracking but I don't have it, But I've had good experiences with getting refunds.

  • Yup. Waiting for two packages from USAvand China.

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    iHerb got my delivery to me from USA in less that 5 days…..

    Bang Good is taking a Looooong time right now:

    2020-09-21 06:21
    ROBINA QLD, Awaiting collection at Post Office

    2020-09-18 17:48
    REDBANK QLD, Item processed at facility

    2020-09-10 18:42
    PERTH WA, International arrival - awaiting clearance

    2020-08-02 00:29
    SHENZHEN (CN), Cleared and awaiting international departure

    2020-07-25 22:58
    SHENZHEN (CN), Cleared and awaiting international departure

    2020-07-24 22:15
    CN-, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)

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    i just got something i ordered on alixpress March 17. it arrived yesterday

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    using amazon prime and my UK and USA orders are arriving faster than my local orders.

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    Update. Got a package that left China 22nd Aug 20 on 23rd Sep 20.

    Another one ordered same time from China still not arrived.

    2 letters from the UK sitting on 30+ days now and nowhere to be seen - probably read by someone else.

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    I received a package that I ordered in March from Aliexpress in August…
    I was assuming it just got lost and didn't even bother opening a dispute but received it surprisingly

  • Some things yes, some things no. For example I just received my box of items that I ordered in 13/09 from China on Alibaba, 10 days was bloody good in my eyes.

  • Yep most definitely. Having some items show up around the 4 month mark from China.

  • I ordered something from England less than a week ago and it has just arrived on my doorstep. DHL express. Great job!!

  • Aliexpress just short of three months

  • No problems. FedEx is performing as per normal. Ordered something in US. Picked up from Connecticut on Friday 18th last week. It just arrived this morning in Brisbane, QLD, (Thursday morning). Less than 5 working days door to door from USA!

    AusPost is just lazy, slow, expensive incompetent as per usual. Shipping charges was less than sending something interstate in Australia too.

  • Last weekend I ordered two things from Amazon US via DHL. They arrived yesterday. I ordered one thing from Kogan on the weekend as well. It has not arrived yet

  • Yea rumour has it there's a global pandemic at present.

  • I ordered something from Aliexpress (small envelope under 500gram). It took almost 2.5 months.

    China > HK > SG > AU

  • Letter (statement request) from UK dated 26th August just arrived on today 29th August in Melbourne.

    2 of 3 Aliexpress packages have arrived dating back to 26th August.

  • Forget about international shipping leadtimes. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a SA to VIc Ebay item since start of this month through AusPost. Current status Delayed was expected Monday. My China order I don't expect to get till November if I'm lucky.

  • Yes, alot. I have included the items in my will, incase they arrive after my death

  • I've moved house twice since ordering. In 2056 someone will receive a surprising little gift for a car part in an antique automobile.

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