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Wired Logitech G Pro X $182.30 + $18.86 (Free Delivery with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


I bought this to use with the upcoming Quest 2. The VR headset that logitech are coming out looks like it's just a Logitech G Pro with a short cable included and this is the G Pro X which has 7.1 when used with pc. Now I just need a 260mm 3.5 cable and I'm set.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • waiting for the wireless version deals

  • Oh good idea actually!
    I've got a preorder on the quest 2 but I have a old cloud X stinger that doesn't have a working mic so think I'll use that

    Thanks for sharing the deal, and the speculation that the Logitech made headphones for the quest 2 are basicallyyyy just these

  • Genuinely curious, are you planning on playing non-PC games (i.e. from Oculus store)?

    I waited a long time for details of the Quest 2 to be released, and could even live with them harvesting my data with the FB requirement. But when the reviews came out there are plenty of negatives there. And even the OzBargainer in me looks at it like:

    Quest 2: $639 (unless you are using it for PC gaming surely you need the storage)
    Headphones (this deal): $195.68
    Quest 2 Elite Strap: $80

    So we're up to over $900 and it's a sub-par experience for PC gaming, with terrible IPD, and all the other drawbacks.

    TL;DR I bought the HP Reverb G2 for $876.52 (after shopback comes in) on the weekend. And am wondering why anyone went the other way after the reviews came out.

    • I'm going to use it for both pc and standalone but mostly standalone. The headset only cost me $177 and I'm going to use that with my pc also and the fact that I don't need to have a dedicated room or any kind of setup sells it to me big time. I could walk into any room big enough, draw my boundary and start playing games. To me that's crazy and well worth the money.
      I could go camping and set it up under a pop up gazebo if I wanted to or take it to my friends house with no time wasted for setup (apart from maybe clearing a room)

      Edit: Audio headset cost me $177 not the Quest 2

      • Fair enough. I'm mostly planning on playing at my PC so I couldn't see the point. My PC can go anywhere with me, but unlike the Quest it isn't Zero setup :)

        Also it's going to look like balls for me. My IPD is 65.3 so essentially the worst supported value. Before mentioning god rays & poor blacks. Oculus Link over USB will mostly likely be a sub par experience over DisplayPort (was with Quest 1 IMO) and 72Hz tethered limit currently.

  • jbhifi sell these for $280?

  • Just bought this, anyone have any delivery times from orders so far? Seems far and away the best deal for this still.