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[PC] Free - Serious Sam 1, 2 and 3 @ Alienware Arena


10,000 Steam keys available per game.

The promotion is divided into 5 days, starting today:

21st Sep: 25 ARP for free
22nd Sep: A 2x booster for 48h
23rd Sep: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
24th Sep: Serious Sam 2
25th Sep: Serious Sam 3

1) Log in (or create a new Alienaware account) then change the region by going to this URL: na.alienwarearena.com/
2) Then click on the little bomb icon so that the banner with the information opens

Credit to HUKD.

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    Serious Sam 3 should also be available for macOS and Linux.

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    They're also offering; Spellbreak Sundown Outfit Key


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      Thank you! redeemed!

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      Thank you!

  • +1

    Serious Sam games are fun as long as you aren't a realism fetishist. There aren't that many over the top 3d shooters. Anyone remember the failed Serious Sam knockoff "Will Rock"?

    • Whatever you do don’t play the VR version… 🤢

    • +4

      Serious Sam 3 tried for the more realistic angle and was a worse game because of it.

    • +9

      I remember finished each game in one day while playing coop with my brother. By the time we finished and went to sleep, all i could hear after closing my eyes were the headless bombers screams! Fun games, lots of dumbcrets to be found and things to shoot at.

      • +1

        LOL. Binging Serious Sam will do that to you.

        I went through the first two encounters and SS2 with my bro in co-op too… was one of the best co-op shooter experiences we had, only second to Borderlands. The scene that had us in stitches was the "Kleeeers, come out to play!" bit:


        We still haven't gotten around to SS3… it's in both our Steam libraries at least.

  • 'You have exactly 5 seconds to explain what I'm doing here. And 2 seconds have just passed. Die when I kill you.'

  • One of the most annoying shooters ever created.

    • +1

      Username checks out

  • Would've been a good idea to release these a couple of weeks ago, what with Serious Sam 4 coming out in three days

  • +2


    Those guys always freaked me out.

  • +1

    What Time of day do they become avalible in Australia? Anyone know?

    • +1

      Not sure but earlier than right now (1:45pm AEST) as the first one is already available.

  • loved these mindless shooters back in the day.

  • Love the humour in these games.

  • Wasn't this an old apogee game? Same boat as commander keen and original Duke nukem. Great gaming days, although showing my age a bit. Thanks Op I'll check out

  • +1

    Best game ever.

    If someone can make a big budget movie from this then there will be nothing like it.

  • Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Created an account and got the email to activate my account - the link to activate goes to a 404 page.

  • Ahh Shame it not in gamepass, playing all those crazy levels would feel like work so Xbox reward points would be cool… That be like $5 for the entire game to buy on the Xbox store

  • +2

    I was only able to claim the "25 ARP for free" earlier this morning, and only just now the "2x booster for 48h". The schedule seems to be as follows:

    22st Sep: 25 ARP for free
    23nd Sep: A 2x booster for 48h
    24rd Sep: Serious Sam HD
    25th Sep: Serious Sam 2
    26th Sep: Serious Sam 3

    • +3

      some interesting ordinals you have there lol

      do you rememberrr, the twenty-secst night of septemberrr

  • -1

    Serious Sam HD all gone.

    Edit: Negged for reporting on the status of the freebie? Thanks.


    • +3

      It still says "Day 3" for me. Day 2 reward only just became available this morning…

      • -3

        Good luck to you.

        • -1

          Wow, negged for reporting what I found and negged for wishing somebody good luck. What was I supposed to write?

          Go to hell neggers?

          • -1

            @alvian: Maybe read the entire post first.
            SS1 is available tomorrow, SS2 on Friday and SS3 on Saturday.

          • @alvian: I agree that the screenshot you provided appears to show all gone. Not sure why you're getting that message though. It doesn't have the same message for me.

            • +1

              @tbone74: Yes, and so "good luck to you" because I won't be getting one with my account. And wishing you good luck is worthy of 2 negs so far? Tell me what was I supposed to write?

              imtheonewhoknocks asked me to read the entire post first. I have, three times, and it didn't change anything. So, explain my screencap so we can benefit instead of negging.

              • @alvian: I'm on your side, didn't neg and don't understand why others did so. Assuming they're disagreeing because for the rest of us it doesn't appear to be gone, but since you provided a screenshot supporting your claim it would be more helpful to explain the reason to disagree rather than just neg.

              • +1

                @alvian: My account is the same as your screenshot provided… " All Out :-( "

              • @alvian: Neggs reminds me of Neopets eggs.

        • Showing as per Alvian for me too as being all gone.

  • I clicked on the bomb icon, but serious sam banner doesn't seem active to click on and redeem.

  • +10

    According to the discussion on HUKD (link in OP), people have already been claiming Serious Sam HD so it should be live. But seems to be all gone already.

    There are comments stating that the day 1, 2, etc is not the day of the promotion but the number of days you've logged in. Need to log in each day to unlock the next reward.

    So I think what might be happening is that for those of us who haven't been doing it from the beginning, Serious Sam HD (Day 3) may not be unlocked yet so we're not seeing that it's already gone. And those who have been logging in each day have it unlocked but get to see the status showing it's gone.

    Not really clear but above is my interpretation. If correct, probably means those of us who didn't start logging in daily from day 1 will miss out on the games as they'll be gone by the time we unlock them.

    • +4

      Shit deal if thats the case.

    • +7

      That's not what's happening. This Alienware Arena. Good luck to anyone who happens to get one. Thousands of keys are usually gone in seconds as the site jams up even if you got in early enough because of the bots. Then there's the good ol' AA "what's a timezone?" crap.

      Unlocks will be available for some but not for others for no discernible reason whatsoever. It always happens with these "events" where you log in each day. Some days unlock early for some and don't unlock at all for others. Some will be on day 3 while others are on day 4. It has nothing to do with needing to log in each day in unlock the next. They unlock on the daily reset each day which is 00.01 UTC.

      What should be straightforward and unlock on say the 23rd at 00.001 UTC for everyone regardless of what time it is locally, doesn't always work out that way as those in timezones ahead of the USA often end up bugged. In one event, those in timezones a day ahead of the USA were kept back a day as if to "compensate" so were always a day behind. That's the level of stupidity that has happened in the past on AA.

      I didn't even bother with this for the first two days as I knew getting a key will be impossible because of this and the bots. I just logged in and claimed the first two days and I can guarantee that tomorrow morning the keys will be all out before they are even supposed to be live.

      • That's not what's happening.

        I logged in for the first time just now and could only unlock Day 1.

        • +1

          Some days unlock early for some and don't unlock at all for others. Some will be on day 3 while others are on day 4.

          It's not even consistent within the same parts of the world. It's always like this now. Not impossible to get a key but very unlikely. I haven't gotten a single key for 2 or so years now and Im interstellar Master level. It comes down to pure luck against the bots assuming it even unlocks for you properly to even attempt it.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  • Day 3 key all out like someone said :(

  • Just managed to claim SS2! The site was down for a good 10 minutes but it eventually came back up and luckily there were still keys to claim.

    I missed out on SS HD yesterday, hopefully I can claim SS3 in time tomorrow.

    • All gone now.

  • is this a steam key?

    • I've only been able to claim for SS2 so far and I got a Steam key.

  • +4

    this deal is not obtainable.

  • +3

    This deal seems to be all over the place. No-one seems sure exactly how it works. Some people are saying they see SS2, I dont see SS2, I just see SS1 as being all out…?

  • It's been impossible to secure a SS game through this offer as yet.

    Has anyone played Serious Sam 4 yet?

  • +1

    I dont even get the popup

  • first one is all out…

  • +4

    Yup "All Out" on serious sam. Waste of time

  • +2

    Agree waste of time. I bet it's bots farming keys not just legit users.

  • This deal is fawlty towers

  • +2

    Just claimed my SS3 Steam key after some refreshing of the site!

  • I seem to be timing out but seems like other people are having issues as well.

  • site is crashing hard

  • Pretty disappointing giveaway TBH, did more harm to alienware than good.

  • LOL. Fallen over again. Think they need more RGB on their servers.

  • It's still availble, as I picked up a key a few seconds ago.

  • This is bullshit, I have been checking every day and the alienware site crashes around this time and then I see "ALL OUT"
    Im only upto Serious Sam hd.
    No point wasting anymore time on this corrupt deal

  • Out of curiosity went to the site and SS3 was available for me so claimed it. Missed out on SS1 and SS2. As others have said, the whole promo has been a mess with no clear indication of how the timing to get each freebie works.

  • "We have detected an issue with your network. To help us resolve this issue, please contact us at [email protected] stating your IP address…"

  • 2) Then click on the little bomb icon so that the banner with the information opens

    Was able to do this the first 2 days but the bomb icon never appeared for me after that :/

    • I had to clear my browser cache, and re-log in to see them on subsequent attempts.

      The whole site is plain weird.

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