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15% off Gravity Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holder Holder $13.59 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ MIUSI Amazon AU


Non-Slip Clip upgraded with thickened rubber pad could lock the air vent firmly and stably. Suitable for most of air vent

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  • looking at the clip to the air vent I'm not sure that it would hold the phone's weight. usually there is a little groove at the end to grip behind the air vent.

  • These need the lip on the pincers, to stop the holder from falling out.

    I would avoid these.

  • I actually just bought this model via amazon for $15.99 (last week)

    The pincers have enough friction when closed that it doesn't fall off - in my limited experience of 1 drive to work. Feels very secure to me.
    Bought it to replace a model with a lip on the pincers I got from ebay that fell off constantly, I think because the pincers were too long to fully close when in my vents?

    • I found the same, but I would suspect that after a while it could loosen and slip.