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LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 $479 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price, RRP $600.

Good for those who may have missed out during recent Target and Big W sales.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +24

    FML… I am not in a position to even buy a LEGO Bugatti.

    Beautiful kit!

    • -1

      One word……….Decool

      • +2

        Several words: stop supporting sweatshops and outright theft.

        • -3

          words: The world isn't perfect

          • +2

            @Frayin: Such deep. Much meaningful.

            I guess I can go rob a bank and not be held accountable because the world isn't perfect, right?

            • @Gnostikos: Please do. Report back to us how that goes.

              I also like to compare dead rats to oranges.

        • +2

          Are you talking about something like 'LEPIN'?

          • +2

            @Jack D Price: Yes, Decool and Lepin are the same garbage manufactured by companies that steal not only Lego's designs but original fan MOCs from online and shamelessly profit from them while benefiting from the reduced costs of slave labour-run factories.

            • +9

              @Gnostikos: I'm with you Amar. People need to look beyond a 'bargain' when the extra cost is borne by society. Crooks making those counterfeits are leeches. And 'the world isnt perfect' is the lamest shirking of responsibility I've seen in a while.

              • +1

                @gakko: Trump: the world isn’t perfect, I’ll just let 200k people die

              • @gakko: Lego is expensive but I don't mind paying the premium to Lego because they as a company do good things and give back to the global community. (When lock down started, they delivered thousands of laptops to kids in schools etc.

    • Ill buy it for you. Just send me $479.

  • +1

    Took 2 weeks built this thing up. Anyone knows if it will retire this year?

    • +2

      Not rumoured for this year.

      Porsche lasted about 2.5 years. Bugatti launched in 2018 so if it followed the same timeframe it might be 2021.

      • thanks

  • +1

    thanks op, ordered, missed so many deal on this one.

  • Waiting for the lambo to come down to a reasonable price @ amazon….

  • +2

    Glad I bought it when I did ($380 from this deal)

    It was a very fun set to build, and looks absolutely stunning when finished.

  • OOS!!

    • +2

      Lego sets are targeted at adults as much as kids these days.

    • These Lego builds are for adults that have disposable income to splurge or people who buy them to flip later after the sets retired to make handsome profits.

    • +7

      Some people spend 15hrs building an expensive lego set, others spend 15hrs drinking $14 pints. I've always done the second one, now trying the first one. I think I already know which I'll prefer, but gotta experiment anyway.

      • who said you cant do both at the same time

      • did u get a hangover the next day drinking so many pints??

  • Adults also love Lego especially those tech savvy adults. Not sure what they are linked.

  • OZB'd

  • Damn, been waiting on a decent deal on this.

  • back in stock

  • In stock on September 24, 2020.
    Order it now.

  • Did I miss it again:(((((((((

  • +1

    Cant bring myself to pay more than $350 for this given price history. Which I'm sure means I'll never own one.

    I don't even like it much but if I'm going to own the Porsche and sian then I may as well own this too

    • +1

      I bought it $380 last Nov when I thought it had a good chance of retiring .
      This price here is for when its announced :)
      Its a little scary that 4 major retailers ended up with stock out of the blue meaning Lego mass producing again .
      They all sold out and guess who the Purchasing Manager's is calling ?

  • Back in stock - 2 left

  • +1

    This is for rich Kidults. I bless them.

  • +1

    I have no interest for this set at this price but I may wait in Dec to see if there is a better deal.

  • Appears to be back in stock again, grab it while it is!

  • Having built the big three technic Supercars (lambo, porche, and this) during lockdown, the Sian is the most satisfying of the three, of course it’s gonna be impossible to get it at this price for a while

    • Yeah I have a penchant for lambos. Debating whether $510 is worth it. I think I'm waiting for the quality control issues to be addressed first.

  • Gonna put this on my wishlist now.

  • This one doesn't even have any motors. The $200 top gear car is remote control.

  • Alive again and gone .

  • 1 back in stock at $469.70 (further $9.30 off)

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