Bed Sheet Sets for around $100

I'm in the market for some new bed sheets and while I have a bit of market knowledge, I'm finding it difficult to find a bargain between the major brands and the different quality products they offer.

Effectively I am looking a Queen Sheet Set (Quilt Cover, Fitted Sheet and 2 PC) for around $100 or less. Also looking for 45-50cm fitted sheets at a decent price as well.

I am trying to find 300-400 TC Egyptian Cotton around that point but not sure which brands or places to look at that will offer a quality product.

Any suggestions?


  • Target 1000 thread count cotton sheet sets ~$80 or less on sale. Great quality and last years.

  • I've just put a very comfortable bed topper on my mattress, now I need fitted sheets with enough depth at the corners to stretch over the added height. Any ideas please?

    • Yeh I have a tall mattress and you need tall fitted sheets for them. You'll need at least 45-50cm tall sheets.

      Standard ones are around 30-40cm.

  • Don't rely too heavily on thread count, a lot of marketing BS around with those 1000TC… 2000TC… etc etc.

    My recommendation is definitely Bamboo fibre sheets. I converted after trying them and doing the switch. They are very very nice. Glad I made the switch. I have a set from Ettitude ($120) and one from Linenly ($100, my favourite, Linerly Bamboo Sheets, but check the Wall depth as mine are 40cm, but pretty sure they have larger wall sheets available as well.

    For the 45cm-50cm search bamboo sheets deep wall and you should get a number of options. They range in price but should be able to get some decent ones for around $100.

    Happy hunting!

  • Quilt cover and Fitted sheet rarely come as a set together, you'll be looking to get either

    Quilt set (qcover + 2 pillow) or
    Fitted set(fitted sheet + 2 pillow) may also include a flat sheet.

    and then the other part as another set or separately.

    You wont be able to get anything name branded for $100 as thats the usual price for the one set alone.

    Your options are kogan, kmart, target. Check for pure materials and avoid anything with polyester. Alternatively, i did browse catchoftheday, and you can find some sets for $30-50, including bamboo but i've never used that site and i cannot vouch for the items there.